OK, so we all celebrated and ate more sugar than we can really handle: time to get back to work. I can’t wait to get into magic and energy work, but first we have to wrap up the elements. We’ll be spending this week with Water.

Water is the element of all things emotional. It is the flow of life, that mysterious element that ebbs and flows. You can try to hold it gently, but tighten your grasp and it just slips through your fingers. We can try to harness it, contain it, re-route it, but it flows and just keeps going. It is like our emotions: They rise and fall and all we can do is harness them and let them take us where they need to go. It is also the element of the deep subconscious, the dark pool of the mind. Water is also the element of love and compassion. These are our greatest emotions. I usually call my water quarter by asking it to bring love and compassion to my circle.

A few associations:

Quarter: West

Ritual tool and representation: obviously, water itself. Also, cups and chalices.

Archangel: Uriel

Color: blue

Water sustains life on our blue planet. We need it to drink, cook, wash ourselves. We harness it for energy and use it for transportation. As much as Water represents life and love, it can also be deadly. It can wipe out entire cities in waves of death. To me it represents the double nature of everything and how no one and nothing is only one thing. Water taught me respect for the inner wave that sustains my spiritual life, but can also take us so far away from the shore that we lose all sense of direction. As a woman, it was such an important lesson for me to learn: to respect both  my loving and destructive nature. One is not better than the other. It just IS. Water helped me learn that.

Magically, Water is used for cleansing and purification. It is used to cleanse ritual objects, ritual space and to cleanse ourselves before rituals. Often, salt is added to water for purification rites. It is a good support for mixing and brewing.  Water is used therapeutically for teas and brews. It can be used for scrying, which is a divination method where one stares into a bowl of water to receive wisdom. People may add ink or oil to the water to perceive shapes and get messages. Also, remnants of a spell are usually sent away in a body of moving water. It is a way to let things go back to the Source and let the Universe recycle the energy.

Water is also associated with the Moon cycles, since the moon is responsible for the tides. As such, Water is associated with all that is deeply intuitive.  Under the sun, the world looks a certain way, bright and alive. Under the moon, the world is still the same, but you see light and shadows in different places. You cannot trust your eyes as much and you must turn on a different kind of vision. Water and Moon are associated with that kind of Vision, the one that comes from within. It is also associated with the Feminine, since we are especially attuned to the monthly cycle.

This week should prove to be an especially moving journey. Here are your assignments for the week:

1) Journal your experience of Water. What does it look, smell, feel and taste like? What sounds does it make? Find different forms of water and contrast them. What kind of energy readings do you get? Go swimming, walk in the rain (or roll in the snow), take a walk along a river, or jump into a puddle!

2) Become Water. Go deep within yourself and reach into that state of deep emotion where you laugh and cry for no reason. Is this place familiar or foreign to you? Spend the week ‘in the flow’ of things. Let it take you over.

3) Find 5 practical uses and 5 magical uses of Water.

4) Choreograph your Water dance.

5) Find 5 Christian applications, biblical stories and legends associated with Water.


Enjoy you encounter with Water. May you find love and compassion within it!