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I spent two days this week on a committee to address special needs in the Cree communities of James Bay. On this committee sat an Elder who said some things that I wanted to share.

“I can’t say that I understand what is happening today. Our young ones spend all night playing computer games and watching programs on television. They don’t sleep anymore. Yet, the Great Spirit made day so that we could work and night so that we could sleep. He made for us four programs and called them spring, summer, fall and winter. That is medicine, better than any other.

When I go out on the land, everything is free. Only here do I need this thing they call money. Out on the land I am free. I have everything I need. I have food and shelter and Spirit. I don’t even need to farm. The Great Spirit has everything there for me.

Now you ask what we need to help our young ones with special needs and their families. We need the Great Spirit. As long as we have that, we don’t need anything else.”

I love my job!



I finally sat down this week and started writing again. I have been juggling with ideas for a new book for months now. My working outline is a monster which is probably more than I can chew. No matter. A book is very much like a child. It has a personality of its own and will take me pretty much wherever IT wants me to go.

I’ve decided to focus a little more on the ‘how-to’ part of Christian Witchcraft in this second book. I have received many emails from readers who are, in their words, ‘just starting out’ and who don’t have too many resources on how to build their practice. The truth is that life is the best teacher and it usually gives you all the lessons you need. And YOU are the only tool you really need to experience the Divine. Nevertheless, a little instruction never hurts and I was fortunate to have wonderful teachers in my life who have given me as much knowledge as they have given me of themselves. I hope that this book can be a tribute to them.

As I was writing the other night (the kids were both asleep by 8:30, unheard of in our house!), I was just letting thoughts flow through me, brainstorming on the topics that I wanted to touch in the book. I lifted my eyes and saw a yellowish haze swaying on the couch across from me. I closed my eyes and I knew it was something good come into my life right at this moment. I asked softly if there was something it wanted to tell me. I heard it say, ‘Just keep writing’ in a way that said ‘ Don’t mind me being here. Just do whatever you were doing.’ I smiled at the attitude. But, then I repeated the words: ‘Just keep writing’ …. like you’re supposed to do, I heard myself finish. My heart was full to bursting and I breathed it all in.

I want to thank all those who contacted me over the last few months and encouraged me to continue writing. Your voices are as much a part of all this as that of my mystery visitor. So many voices whispering to keep going. If you have suggestions or special requests of things you would like to see in the book, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Love and light,


Crazy Week…

It’s always crazy the week before going on vacation: tying up loose ends at work, making travel arrangements, packing everything. The usual madness! It’s no different for a Witch than it is for everyone else!

It’s not easy being the mother of two young kids. Sleep deprivation aside, it’s the worrying that really does me in. Do they eat enough, poop enough, are they developing on schedule, how are they coping with the world…. In short, are they OK?

I went to sleep with all this in my head,  feeling completely helpless and washed out. As always, I turned to my Mother for guidance. What should I do? Is there something I am not doing right? How do I help my son speak more and my daughter sleep at night? Please, Mother, help me take care of them!

I woke up in the morning with a vague knowledge of having spent the night in conversation with someone. We had talked about hope.


That was the answer. That’s how you make it through the worry.

Nothing to do. Just hope.

Expect the best.

Bottle down the fear and let it fizzle out with great blasts of hope. That’s the gift of Hope: it is the destroyer of fear. Without fear, you can dare to reach out for your greatest dreams.

And so, that day was born with a new hope. And while we were all playing outside that evening, my son did something unexpected. He reached out to the moon and pretended to gobble it up. He burst out laughing and I knew everything would be all right.