This topic has come up a lot this week on the Christian Pagan Fellowship and it follows our progression of study exercises. I made a small hiatus in the world of magic and visualization and we will now combine the energy exercises of the last few weeks.
A few weeks ago, we worked on manipulating our energy fields. You practiced sensing it, knowing its boundary and how to expand and contract it. Shielding will combine the ability to sense your energy field and the visualization that we have just been working on with your apple.

There are a million different ways to shield. The way you put up a shield is extremely personal and it will only work if you do it in a way that makes sense to YOU. It will only work if it is built in a way that it can stay present in your mind. You must will it to be there, in the same way that you walked around with a word in your head while you were preparing the evening supper. It should feel the same way.

What makes shielding personal, is that you have to design the way it will look and feel. That is the only way that you will be able to keep it in your mind without effort. Here is an example: If I tell you to imagine yourself surrounded by a medieval armor (you know, like the ones standing in the hallways of mansions in movies), you may need to keep your attention very focused in the details of what such an armor looks like. If it is not a familiar shield, your mind will want to keep going back to adjust this or that detail that is slipping your mind, like the way the face looks, or how the hands are placed. It might even feel stiff and you movements will feel awkward. Anything that doesn’t feel right will break your concentration and decrease the effectiveness of your shield.

Also, the kind of shield you choose will highly depend on the situation you are facing. If you are going into a battlefield, you want battle gear. If you just want to walk around the office and want to be impervious to negative energy, a nice pink bubble might do the trick. There is such a thing as offensive and defensive magic or warrior magic. I suggest Wiccan Warrior by Kerr Cuhulain (who will be at In-Fest next weekend, somewhere in the Ottawa region, by the way…) if you want to know more about this path. I have studied martial arts for many years, so this a path that makes sense to me. It is not for everyone, so don’t feel pressure to try it out. But no matter what, everyone needs to know how to shield.

Take a moment to assess the situation. What kind of shield do you need and want. Right now, you are just practicing, so you can try out different shields. But in general, what will you need this shield for. Imagine the kind of protection you want. It should feel comfortable, easy to focus on, strong and it should make you feel safe. It can really be anything. It can be an extra layer of light, guardians that surround you, a tornado, a brick wall, a viking’s shield, a blanket… It all depends on you and on the situation. Obviously, summoning the 4 archangels to stand by you will require more focused attention than an extra layer of light. But it will also be no match if you are walking towards danger. Probably a little bit of an overkill for office politics, though! Imagine a few possibilities that you may want to keep in your ‘shield closet’. It will be easier to conjure them quickly if you have imagined them already. For the sake of this exercise, let’s try something light. We’ll just try thickening the border of your shield. You can choose to just make it more dense or add a layer of light around your field.
1. Center and ground. Grounding is especially important. That is your best line of defense, even without a shield. In karate, it is all about stance. If an opponent can make you fall over, the battle is lost, even before you cast your punch.
2. Test your energy field. Where does it reach. Do a quick scan of its margin.
3. At the boundary of your energy field, imagine your shield being formed. Visualize a layer coming in and surrounding your energy field. Draw up energy from your roots and direct it to the outermost layer of your energy field. See this energy transform itself to offer you protection. It may seem to harden, like the bark of a tree, or glow more brightly like a flame. Command this energy to do your bidding and protect your personal space. You should ultimately get a feeling of: ‘This is in here and that is out there.’? That which is outside should not come within.
4. Once you’ve visualized your shield, draw back into yourself, but without letting your shield collapse. Your focus is no longer on upholding the shield. It should uphold itself, the same way the word lingered in your mind during the visualization exercise. Will it to be there, and that’s it! The minute you question whether it is holding, you are casting doubt into it and weakening its presence. Conjure it, know it’s there and go on your business. This is not easy and it takes a lot of practice. Be forgiving of yourself and have fun with this.

Once you’ve practiced this, you can go on to trying different types of shields. Your creativity is the only limit. I’ve had elemental shields, music shields, mirror shields… The more complex your shield is, the more mental focus and attention will be needed. Try the basic shield above first so you have an easy option for ‘everyday wear’.

Feel free to post your comments and the different shields you have tried out. It’s always fun to discover what others have come up with.