I’ve been promising to write about magic and prayer for a few days now. Well, here it is.

Someone asked me in an email what is my take on the relationship between Magic and Prayer. Well, Magic is like praying in another language.

When you pray, you use words to convey your need of the moment, or to explain what is happening to you or to offer praise and worship to the Divine. When you use Magic and ritual, you use words, but you also use a whole array of symbolic language that transcends the thinking part of the brain that is used during speech. You use gestures, movements, symbolic objects, pictograms, gemstones, incense, herbs… You create an event, instead of just relaying information through words. You bypass all that logical stuff and dig down into the core of what it means to be human. We have had this faculty of creativity long before we had coherent speech. Whereas language differs between regions, symbolic representation is universal. Anyone who speaks more than one language will agree that there is always one language that expresses certain ideas better than another. That is because language is not always that precise and this is especially true when you get to concepts relating to the Divine. But the symbols we choose during magic relay all that information. When I choose to place a stone in my north quarter to represent the earth element, it says something different than if I place a plant. No words can really describe that difference as well as those symbols can. And yet, you all see that the difference is substantial. So multiply that by every possible combination of symbols you could choose and you get a system that is infinitely more precise than any language. What’s more, it is also intuitive and creative in the most fundamental of ways. When Jesus said that we are all sons of God, I believe that that is what he meant. We all have this ability to create and summon from the Source of Life. We only need to develop the ‘language’ to do it.

It takes years of practice to develop this sense of ‘talking’ symbolically and to tap into the well of our own symbolic mythology. We all have symbols that speak to us. Some of us talk ‘tree’. Others talk ‘animal’. Others prefer to talk in pictograms or by gestures or by sounds. Of course, we always end up mixing all these up, but it is the task of the Witch to delve into her symbol back pack and pull out the symbols that fit her in this particular moment, for this particular need. It is the mark of a true Witch to be able to depict what her need looks/feels like, rather than just saying it bluntly with words.

I hope that I am conveying what an art weaving Magic truly is. It is not just about putting objects on an altar. It is about taking the souls of those representations and molding them into a brand new creation. Your creation, a creation that no one else has ever created or ever will. The infinity of that potential is as great as the Great Source itself.