OK, my dears. Thanks for the discussion on Facebook about Angels (and for those who aren’t on the Christian Pagan Fellowship and linked up to Facebook, it’s not too late to get with us!)

I’d like a status report of who is doing the exercises and how it is going so far. No need to post a public comment if you’re shy. You can also contact me via email or via Facebook. I would just like to know if people are generally keeping up or if you need more time to practice grounding. Once that’s done, (well, it’s never really done…), I’d like to get into a little energy exploration, circle casting, shielding, ritual design and spell casting. But it’s important for me to know if you are all OK with the experimentation. And please, don’t feel shy to ask questions (Should it feel like this? Why am I not getting anything? I’m having a hard time concentrating….) So let me know!

For those who are keeping up and who feel comfortable, here is a little extra, but very important exercise to keep going while we get everyone checked in. Grounding, once you are seasoned in the practice, should take a few seconds. Just enough time to re-group in your center and to shoot out your root. You should feel something holding you down. If someone was to come and pick you up, they would have a hard time lifting you up because of the connection. So now that you know the feeling of grounding and being connected to the earth, try this:

1) Try grounding in a few seconds. Don’t think too much. Center and Ground. Nice and easy.

2) Ground in standing. This will be important because a lot of the ritual work we do is in standing.

3) Ground and then start walking. Don’t lose your connection. Feel that something is keeping you anchored to the earth below. It’s harder to visualize, but try to hold on to that feeling of being connected. This is important because we usually cast circle while walking around it. You need to connected to the earth to be able to draw up energy while walking around the circle. Remember, it is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time. Same principle. If you know how to ground and you know how to walk, you should be able to do both at the same time.

So I expect some status reports! Can’t wait to hear how you are all doing!