I’d like to announce that I have just created a group called ‘The Christian Pagan Fellowship’ on Facebook. This is as an answer to numerous requests for a place to network and to meet others. It is open to all and everyone is free to post on the wall and on the discussion panel. I’d like to put up a sister web site eventually where people can post articles, poems and artwork. But, one thing at a time, right?And if you have suggestions and comments, please share. I am not a leader of this movement. I am simply a co-creator.

There are many of us out there who live by the teachings of Jesus and who live in the embrace of the Goddess. Many of us live in rythm with the earth and feel its energy. We weave magic and walk the spirit world. We are who we are and we call ourselves by different names: witches, pagans, sophians, norvicensians, druids, celtic christians, mystics, gnostics… We are all connected by this bond of faith and love of Life. I hope we can share that fire and make our lives and our world better just by being who we are. It is my greatest wish.

In love and light,