This blog is coming out of a heated discussion on the Christian Pagan Fellowship on Facebook. It is a question that I have been pondering for a while and for which the community has to come together: Is it viable (or even desirable) to organize the Christian Pagan path into an organized Church?

Several issues arise from this topic. First and foremost is the definition of Christian Paganism. Some describe themselves as Christian Witches, Christian Wiccans, Mystics, Druids, Gnostics, Catholic Witches, Spiritualists, non-traditional Christians…. the list goes on. Is there enough common ground to even rally all these traditions together? I will tentatively say ‘yes’, that there is enough common ground to rally people together. After all, a growing number of us are getting together in various ways. However, I do not know if there is enough common agreement in practice at this point to make it possible to structure a liturgy around this. Nor do I think that it would add to the practice. Don’t forget, much of the Pagan community is facing the same challenge. The central topic at this year’s Gaia gathering was the topic of a common liturgy. Pagans in general are very attached to the freedom and flexibility that their practice offers. Many like and need to be eclectic in their practices. But obviously, the call of the group is also a strong one and there has to be some concessions made to achieve a balance between the two. I think that a Pagan practice, whether Christian or traditional, will always have a strong blend of solitary practice and community involvement. The question remains as to how much structure we really want in our community life.

I like my solitary practice. I am probably going to be a solitary all my life. But I wouldn’t have written a book if I didn’t feel the need to reach out to others who shared the same beliefs. What I do not want is a structure that sets my beliefs down in stone and that gives someone the authority to lead my worship. All I want is a place to go to, a place that is sacred and where I can offer my prayers in the manner that is most holy to me. A place where I can be surrounded by my symbols, where I can offer worship to my Mother and my Father and where I can receive and share wisdom and blessings with others of like faith. This may be possible within a structure that is fluid enough to offer freedom to contemplate and to share. Such a structure could be as simple as preparing the sanctuary, making an offering, making time for contemplation, passing on wisdom and blessings and sharing a meal. I could see that work. Much of this can be achieved in a solitary practice. Remains to see whether there are enough others who want to gather in a common place to make group services possible.

If I stop and think about what a Christian Pagan Church would look like, I see something along the lines of what the early Church looked like. I see a network of houses identified with the ichtus where patrons welcomed prophets, priests, disciples and fellow Christians whenever they passed through their town.

I see a house where people gather and perform a simple devotion and share stories and teachings. I also see the organization of the Church to be similar to what the Gnostics did. Members would rotate between the different functions of the service, which was assigned by a draw. This way, it was not always the same person who presided worship. You could be the one to set up the house, or take care of the meal, or do the readings or make the offering. This allowed everyone to be involved and prevented power to be assigned to only one person. That’s the way I think a Church aught to operate.

When the topic of organizing Churches came up, my first reaction was that I would much prefer to have an international gathering of Christian Pagans. This way, we can all start to get to know one another, share what we believe and offer a common prayer. That is my dream for now. I leave the rest in God’s hands.

My dear friends,

I just finished my hectic job at the long-term care residence and my brain is trying to go back to a somewhat normal beat. I’m now looking forward to two weeks of rest and reflection, which should take me right up to Easter. How wonderful!

Part of the plan for this vacation was to start writing again and getting concrete ideas of where I want to take this second book. I’m hovering between a formal guide on how to practice Christian Witchcraft (as if there really could be ONE formal guide) and a continuation of my journey and how this practice came into being for me. I took out my old journals and workbooks and scanned over the first few years of my practice of Witchcraft. On these scribbled pages, I clearly see two parallel journeys: That of the student, doing her exercises, practicing her techniques and doing more spells and journeys than I actually remember, and that of the girl on an inner journey of questioning who I was, what I believed, of being torn in front of God and in front of others, of wanting to express something great and not having the words or the courage to express it. I followed this young girl in her ups and downs and often her intense state of melancholy and existential angst. I remember this girl from the depths of my memory and I still feel the intense struggle she went through, the nights of supplication for even a spark of clarity. I remember her.

What came as a surprise to me as I leafed through the pages of my life is how long that period of questioning was and how the ‘Coming together’ is a relatively recent occurrence. I’ve been bathing in Christian Paganism so intensely for the last few years, that it feels like it’s been this way all my life. But it hasn’t. Looking through my notes, I realized that it has only been about four years that I have felt this strong about what I believe. It’s as if the first part of my journey into Paganism and Christianity was merely a time to bring certain pieces in close proximity. Then, at some point, they fused together and the doubt was gone. I’ve never felt more solid about what I believe than I do right now. I believe there is magic in the world. I believe that Jesus showed us that magic and that he opened up our eyes to a new vision of the world. I believe that God is many things and that every expression of Him/Her is a sacred gift. It’s who I am, totally and completely. What happened to turn that young guilt-ridden girl into the woman I am today? Just Life, I think. And a little inner Flame.

I wanted to share this to show that transformation does not happen over night. Sometimes the road ahead is foggy. You just have to keep walking on the path you have chosen and each step will bring a little more clarity. Until the fog lifts. Let the pieces migrate towards you, try things, learn things. Then one day, without rhyme or reason, something changes and you can step up and become what you are, whatever that may be.

That’s it for me. I’m dedicating my vacation and the last two weeks of Lent to resting and reflecting. May it be a fruitful time for all of you. I’ll see you all on the path to the glorious resurrection. Until then, God/des bless.

I’d like to announce that I have just created a group called ‘The Christian Pagan Fellowship’ on Facebook. This is as an answer to numerous requests for a place to network and to meet others. It is open to all and everyone is free to post on the wall and on the discussion panel. I’d like to put up a sister web site eventually where people can post articles, poems and artwork. But, one thing at a time, right?And if you have suggestions and comments, please share. I am not a leader of this movement. I am simply a co-creator.

There are many of us out there who live by the teachings of Jesus and who live in the embrace of the Goddess. Many of us live in rythm with the earth and feel its energy. We weave magic and walk the spirit world. We are who we are and we call ourselves by different names: witches, pagans, sophians, norvicensians, druids, celtic christians, mystics, gnostics… We are all connected by this bond of faith and love of Life. I hope we can share that fire and make our lives and our world better just by being who we are. It is my greatest wish.

In love and light,


We went walking on the side of the Great River (La Grande) that gives its name to the little community where we live. The temperature had dropped suddenly to 10 degrees and the fog was rising off the water like a scene from a dream. I held the little hand of my son in my left hand and the hand of my daughter in my right. We walked up the hill that overlooked the river and I had the sudden vision of walking in the heart of a great hall.

I felt the warmth of their little hands and something whispered in my head:

This is the gift that She gave me.



I looked around and wondered who ‘She’ was.

Was it the great river, flowing steadily forward for millennia, unstoppable and majestic?

Was it the land of the Cree, where we had become parents and where we were living the greatest adventure of our lives?

Was it the grandness of nature that surrounded us so completely?

Was it the Great Goddess, fertile and of abundant?

Was it the Great Source from which all blessings flows?

Looking out at the grandness of nature, surrounded by my greatest treasures, it was clear that all those things were wrapped up into that little word.


The one who nurtures, the one who soothes, who defends and protects and gives beyond measure.

The one who envelops you with a grandness that you can hardly bear and shows you, how to connect with everything there is to become more than you have ever imagined.

She, the wind in your hair and the smell of the times, the water flowing through your veins and through the world in a slow pulsing rhythm.

She who loves and gives back to her children the lessons they need to learn if they sit to listen.

What blessing to live in her presence.

A recurrent question I get is « Are you out of the broom closet? » For those unfamiliar with this expression, it refers to whether people know that you are practicing Witchcraft. Another way to say this is “Are you public?”

Am I public?

With the writing of a book, I had to face the fact that the closet was getting awfully tight! I am putting my name, my face and my beliefs in print and on the web. This brings ‘being out’ to a whole new level!

I am private about my religious beliefs. I have always been. I don’t feel the need to let everyone know that I cast circles on the full moon. It is my special place. I don’t want to let everyone in on it and let them trample my sanctuary.

But I no longer hide.

If someone asks me about my religion, I explain that I practice Christianity in a different way. My library is proudly displayed in my living room for all to see. Anyone with a keen eye knows what I am up to.

I have a few rules of thumb when it comes to being public:

1)      I let people get to know me first. This way, they can see what kind of person I am before they associate me with all the connotations of witchcraft.

2)      I speak up if I get that deep intuitive feeling that it might help the person I am speaking to.

3)      I keep quiet if I or someone I love may suffer serious negative repercussions from my association with Witchcraft. No need to put ourselves in danger for no reason. I think it is up to each of us to determine what constitutes a valid reason.

Another question I have gotten is “Does your family know?”

Of course, my husband knows. We are an open book to each other and he knows who I am better than anyone. My immediate family knows, although the extent of this knowledge varies. They know that I have taken magic courses and they know that I still go to church. We have deep spiritual discussions where we debate God and Church, so we are pretty open on exposing our opinions on those subjects. Do they know what a ritual entails, the different celebrations of the year and the specifics of the practice? They do not. If they were to ask, I would explain. I think it is important to respect everyone’s pace. Each person may want to know more or less about it. I think this is fair.

The case of Christian Witchcraft is complex. On one side, you face the shock of people at being a Witch. If repudiating your own faith wasn’t enough, you have to explain that you turned Christianity ‘into’ Witchcraft. Talk about a double whammer! So , we have to deal with the broom closet and its Christian equivalent, which I like to call ‘the confessional’. Both are closets and in both you stay in the dark, pondering the errors in your ways, considering the sins you may (or may not) have committed, marinating in a guilt imposed by others. So for us Christian Witches, there is a double walking out that needs to take place: out of the broom closet, towards the beauty we crave, and out of the confessional, away from the guilt that has been put upon us.

My path is a path of spiritual growth. It makes me better. Whether everyone else knows about it doesn’t matter so much. What matters is that we not feel alone and that we may come out enough to find each other and celebrate the radiance we find. It’s when the closet starts to suffocate us that we need to ask the questions and decide on which side of the door we want to be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Does it matter to you if you are public or not? How do you approach this? Do you speak up? Do you explain and reason it out to others? How do you decide who you tell and who you don’t? Or do you keep private by choice?

So many questions! Well, it’s nice to have someone to talk to for a change!

I have just spent four years steeped in the writing of ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’. Writing about your spiritual path is the most exciting of journeys, but it is also the most unforgiving of mirrors.  It gives you the great privilege of exploring every nook and cranny of the spiritual world you belong to. It also demands the utmost honesty. You have to really look at yourself and answer one critical question:

‘What do I believe in?’

So, after all these years of searching and synthesizing, I came to realize that I could summarize my practice into three basic concepts: To worship, to seek and to love.

To worship:
My whole life has been moved by a need to acknowledge the divine force that inhabits everything there is. A life of worship is living with the knowledge that there is something greater than yourself. This Greatness both transcends the world and permeates the world. The reverence for such greatness defines my actions, my interactions with others and the respect I have for the world around me. Looking back at the years that I have spent defining myself spiritually, I realize that the precept of ‘worship’ encompasses all that I believe about God and the universe. It re-affirms that God is infinite and almighty. This infinity, I can understand it best through an infinite number of faces and names. The call to worship moves me to exalt the divine within me, the ever-present Goddess from which all blessings flow.  It also acknowledges the ebb and flow of the universe and the very magic that I have learned to wield. All these contradictions between Christianity and Paganism that have taken me so long to reconcile, all summarized in one word: Worship.

To seek:
Christian Witchcraft is a path sprung of experience. It takes place in the real world and deals with real life. It is not locked away in an ashram or a monastery. It takes place at every moment.
To live in the world, you need to know the world. Every skill I ever learned and every book I ever read forged the person I am today. I am the central tool of my practice. Every bit of knowledge and every skill builds my arsenal of tools that I can use in magic rites and in service to others.

Seeking knowledge is also the main way we have to build our tradition. As a Christian, it is essential to be critical about what we read and how we interpret it. We have to be educated enough to read between the lines of what ‘officials’ tell us is the truth about Christ and what empirical research shows. Alternative Christian studies have become my passion. Every tid bit of information that I collect unearths something else to look into. It is the work of a lifetime. And don’t worry, I will share with you every little scrap of knowledge I gather!

To love:
Love is our credo, our new commandment, our way of life. Jesus was the absolute example of that. He was the embodiment of compassion and service. He said that it is what identifies us as Christians to the rest of the world. ‘That is how they will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another…’ Love, always and above all. No less is acceptable. It is so simple. There is no more to say about that.

I wanted to start this blog by defining these concepts that are central to my practice. I know I leave much unanswered in terms of how I got on this path and how I deal with the contradictions between Paganism and Christianity. Much of this is addressed in ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’. I will answer all these questions in time, as this blog develops. So, please be patient. We have much to talk about!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Path of a Christian Witch.

Emails are starting to trickle in from people who have heard about the upcoming launch of my book ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’. Some contact me out of curiosity, but most write me to express that they too have merged the magic of the Goddess with the teachings of Jesus. Throughout these emails, one voice comes out, loud and clear:

We are here!

This space is dedicated to discussing, sharing, learning and celebrating the Mysteries that are being revealed to us. I am putting forth this blog for several reasons:

  1. To answer questions readers may have
  2. To share our practice, our tools and tips on the Craft
  3. To post research into Christian Pagan studies
  4. Most importantly, it is a place to finally share our very own theology.

We are here. That much is clear. I hope this blog gives us a place to define who we are so that we may be better able to shine our distinctive light into the world.

May there be light where you are!