We went walking on the side of the Great River (La Grande) that gives its name to the little community where we live. The temperature had dropped suddenly to 10 degrees and the fog was rising off the water like a scene from a dream. I held the little hand of my son in my left hand and the hand of my daughter in my right. We walked up the hill that overlooked the river and I had the sudden vision of walking in the heart of a great hall.

I felt the warmth of their little hands and something whispered in my head:

This is the gift that She gave me.



I looked around and wondered who ‘She’ was.

Was it the great river, flowing steadily forward for millennia, unstoppable and majestic?

Was it the land of the Cree, where we had become parents and where we were living the greatest adventure of our lives?

Was it the grandness of nature that surrounded us so completely?

Was it the Great Goddess, fertile and of abundant?

Was it the Great Source from which all blessings flows?

Looking out at the grandness of nature, surrounded by my greatest treasures, it was clear that all those things were wrapped up into that little word.


The one who nurtures, the one who soothes, who defends and protects and gives beyond measure.

The one who envelops you with a grandness that you can hardly bear and shows you, how to connect with everything there is to become more than you have ever imagined.

She, the wind in your hair and the smell of the times, the water flowing through your veins and through the world in a slow pulsing rhythm.

She who loves and gives back to her children the lessons they need to learn if they sit to listen.

What blessing to live in her presence.


I have just spent four years steeped in the writing of ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’. Writing about your spiritual path is the most exciting of journeys, but it is also the most unforgiving of mirrors.  It gives you the great privilege of exploring every nook and cranny of the spiritual world you belong to. It also demands the utmost honesty. You have to really look at yourself and answer one critical question:

‘What do I believe in?’

So, after all these years of searching and synthesizing, I came to realize that I could summarize my practice into three basic concepts: To worship, to seek and to love.

To worship:
My whole life has been moved by a need to acknowledge the divine force that inhabits everything there is. A life of worship is living with the knowledge that there is something greater than yourself. This Greatness both transcends the world and permeates the world. The reverence for such greatness defines my actions, my interactions with others and the respect I have for the world around me. Looking back at the years that I have spent defining myself spiritually, I realize that the precept of ‘worship’ encompasses all that I believe about God and the universe. It re-affirms that God is infinite and almighty. This infinity, I can understand it best through an infinite number of faces and names. The call to worship moves me to exalt the divine within me, the ever-present Goddess from which all blessings flow.  It also acknowledges the ebb and flow of the universe and the very magic that I have learned to wield. All these contradictions between Christianity and Paganism that have taken me so long to reconcile, all summarized in one word: Worship.

To seek:
Christian Witchcraft is a path sprung of experience. It takes place in the real world and deals with real life. It is not locked away in an ashram or a monastery. It takes place at every moment.
To live in the world, you need to know the world. Every skill I ever learned and every book I ever read forged the person I am today. I am the central tool of my practice. Every bit of knowledge and every skill builds my arsenal of tools that I can use in magic rites and in service to others.

Seeking knowledge is also the main way we have to build our tradition. As a Christian, it is essential to be critical about what we read and how we interpret it. We have to be educated enough to read between the lines of what ‘officials’ tell us is the truth about Christ and what empirical research shows. Alternative Christian studies have become my passion. Every tid bit of information that I collect unearths something else to look into. It is the work of a lifetime. And don’t worry, I will share with you every little scrap of knowledge I gather!

To love:
Love is our credo, our new commandment, our way of life. Jesus was the absolute example of that. He was the embodiment of compassion and service. He said that it is what identifies us as Christians to the rest of the world. ‘That is how they will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another…’ Love, always and above all. No less is acceptable. It is so simple. There is no more to say about that.

I wanted to start this blog by defining these concepts that are central to my practice. I know I leave much unanswered in terms of how I got on this path and how I deal with the contradictions between Paganism and Christianity. Much of this is addressed in ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’. I will answer all these questions in time, as this blog develops. So, please be patient. We have much to talk about!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Path of a Christian Witch.

Emails are starting to trickle in from people who have heard about the upcoming launch of my book ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’. Some contact me out of curiosity, but most write me to express that they too have merged the magic of the Goddess with the teachings of Jesus. Throughout these emails, one voice comes out, loud and clear:

We are here!

This space is dedicated to discussing, sharing, learning and celebrating the Mysteries that are being revealed to us. I am putting forth this blog for several reasons:

  1. To answer questions readers may have
  2. To share our practice, our tools and tips on the Craft
  3. To post research into Christian Pagan studies
  4. Most importantly, it is a place to finally share our very own theology.

We are here. That much is clear. I hope this blog gives us a place to define who we are so that we may be better able to shine our distinctive light into the world.

May there be light where you are!