Beltaine is a time to really get in touch with that inner power of fertility and virility. It dawns on me as I am writing this post, that as Christians, it probably is one of the powers we are the least familiar with. It is really by reconnecting with the Goddess (at least for me, as a woman) that I got in touch with that incredible source of power. It is a power deep in your womb that springs of blood and fire, and that consumes everything and yet, is the source of all life. It speaks of things that are forbidden, enticing, uncontrolled, primal… It speaks of throwing all inhibitions to the wind and letting the inner fire take hold of you. How hard has that become for all of us! Why is that so? I mean, there is no need to go on a sexual rampage to achieve this. You can just lose yourself in the one you love if you have found him or her. Or there are so many ways to release those inhibitions. Dance like no one is watching. Splatter paint uncontrollably on a canvas. Make mud cakes in the garden (make sure to get some in your hair!) Jump in the pool fully dressed. Any other ideas?

OK. I didn’t do any of those things. But now I really feel like it…

What I did do: I planted my herb garden with my kids. The moment was so magical that I drew a circle around it. My son was so eager and diligent in placing the soil in the pot and watering them, my daughter was trying to ride a bike and my husband was tending the bushes. I simply whispered to My Lady: ‘This is what I am planting.’

Then we had a massive pillow fight. And we went to the country to celebrate with my family. I let the kids run around the woods, not a care in the world about their clothes, and let them ‘feed’ the ants and blow bubbles. Nothing like kids to teach you a little excess.

Blessed Beltaine everyone!