I have a cute little story to share. I was putting my son to bed last night. As I was getting up to leave, he says: “J’ai peur des monstres.” I’m afraid of monsters. I start play fighting, showing him that I’m beating up all the monsters. He says: “No Mommy. Angels.”

I’m about to cast a circle and call the Archangels to stand at every corner in the kids’ room. Then I stop. I look at my boy and ask him: “What do you want to say to the angels?” My own little angel of almost 5, who has a hard time to put four words in row, scrunching up his face with the effort, looks at me and says: “Angels…. Come home.”


My heart swelled up. I asked him: “Can you see them?” He said yes. He turned on his side. And he fell asleep.