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Hello everyone!

I want to share a video that will change your vision of what it means to be different (and I think we can all relate with that…) It completely fits with my last post of trusting something deep inside. The take-home message: Stop learning, start thinking, and create!

This post is also in response to the news story of this woman in Ontario who sent a letter to a neighbor (who has an autistic son) saying that autistic people should be euthanized. As a therapist working with people with special needs and as a mother, it pains me that there is still such stupidity in the world. I’d like to share a little bit of awareness about this condition.

I used to believe in this myth of Autism. I’m a health care professional. It kind of comes with the territory. I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist, but the more I lived with it, the more it became this AMAZING thing. I don’t want to minimize what families are going through. It’s tough! Every single day!!!! And some days you just want to go fetal and let yourself wither away. But the truth is that there are people in this world who think differently, who are evolving different abilities. Us magical people go through exercises to expand our senses to another level. These people are born that way. Picture this: We process about 8 pieces of information every second. We filter out everything else. Autistic people process between 30 and 200. The strongest hit are the ones who are constantly bombarded by stimuli. This means that they smell everything, hear everything, feel their very own clothes on their bodies… at all times. They live in a ‘wave’ of sensory stimulation. Others can still manage the information coming in, but they live in a heightened state. They will notice the detail in a picture that escapes everyone else. They won’t be able to keep a conversation because the crickets are too loud. The stories in their heads take over the whole world. But they are smart! Many have IQ’s that are well above average. It is a huge spectrum. And because the world is so unpredictable and that they get constantly surprised with incoming stimulation, they like to keep their world predictable and they are susceptible to meltdowns and anxiety. It is just tough to be so stimulated all the time. And it is tough to be constantly expected to live as if this is not all happening.

I started this paragraph with the ‘myth’ of Autism. Autism is an opinion. It is again an imposition of what is normal. But I think the following videos speak for themselves. We should be amazed by these people and let them develop their beautiful gifts instead of stuffing them in the same box with the rest of us. Doreen Virtue has written extensively about these Crystal children. So this topic flows perfectly from my last post. Time to think outside of the box and to use whatever gifts are given to us.

So the first video is about a young boy named Jacob Barnett. He is 11 and just got a Ph.D. in astrophysics. His pre-school teachers thought it would be a waste of time to teach him to read.

The second video is about Temple Grandin who explains how her brain works in images. This ability allowed her to revolutionize the way we handle livestock and how to treat animals humanely.


These videos speak for themselves. Take a few minutes and be amazed!

Those of you who have been following my blog over the last couple years have probably noticed that I don’t post as much as I used to. One reason, as I have written last year, is that my family has been needing 1000% of my attention (I’m barely kidding).

But there is another reason why I have been writing less than before. I have realised, deep inside myself, that I am longing to become the Student once more. Since writing ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’, I have been writing, offering what knowledge I have and answering questions from readers worldwide. So, I have found myself in a Teacher position for the last 3 years. I have realised lately that what I yearn more than anything right now, is to learn.

My book ends with my year and a day. At the time, I was still in Crescent Moon School, being a student. Then, at one point, I felt that I had to go out into the world and fend for myself. I wanted to see what other teachers had to offer. I wanted to wander and see where Spirit would take me. It took me to a number of teachers and ultimately took us to Chisasibi, where the North became my greatest teacher. It also called upon me to cross that line between learning and sharing the gifts I had learned. I started putting all that on paper, into what ultimately became ‘The Path’. I also started meeting people who were sympathetic to the Craft and who wanted to learn more about it. I started facilitating a little yoga group and I read Tarot for the first time for people other than my close family.

I feel that I am going full circle in the Student – Teacher cycle. I feel like taking to the road again to see what I might learn next. I am doing more shamanic journeys to learn about myself. I am connecting to my power animals to learn from them. I am also signing up for workshops and I am consulting with a Shaman teacher that I met at a workshop last year. She has helped me find the right questions that I need to ask myself.

You should never give your personal power away to anyone. It is especially true of any Teacher or guide that you might try to follow. A good teacher gives you the questions that you need to answer. A good Guide gives you your power back so that you need not depend on her. But, a good teacher is also someone who seeks the counsel of another wise soul and seeks knowledge at every turn. Do not trust a Teacher who is not willing to be a Student at least as often as he is a guide to others.

I must have said this before, but I love Lent. I know that it sounds strange, since it is supposed to be a time of penance and sobriety. But there is such power in this time of the year. Every year, without exception I get a big revelation. I set out with a need, an intention for something I want in my life or something I want to change. Just by putting out that intention, I usually end up with something that hits me in full force. This year was not different. I just sat at my altar, quietly listening, and it became clear what would be my quest this year. Sorry for the suspense, but I am not sharing. This is my lesson for the year. I don’t want to influence anyone in what they need to invite in their lives. Try it just once, to sit and listen to the voice within and you will be amazed at what comes up.

Here is how Lent manifests in my life:
First I listen for that lesson I need to learn. Then I make a commitment to work on it for the duration of Lent. Then that lesson becomes a guide for my actions over the next weeks. Holy Week usually offers a final insight on my life, something that really stays with me. For as long as I have done this, I can recall every lesson that has been given me this way.

Since hearing my lenten lesson, I have been putting the lesson into action and pushing my limits. Just being in the mindset creates opportunities for the lesson to manifest. One thing leads to another and the world just opens up into a dialogue between me and the Divine. It is precious beyond words.

May your Lent be filled with Grace.

It is a historic day when a Pope bows before his people and asks for their blessing. With a name like Francis, there is much reason to be hopeful.
I look out my window and I see the tiniest sliver of a new crescent moon. Indeed, it feels like a new beginning.

Darkness, darkness, I feel thee. I see thee. You surround me now, as if it were all to end. I see you in the eyes of others like me. I feel your grasp around my heart as you squeeze the air from my lungs. I know you and I know your names.

And yet, I do not fear thee. For I am not alone in front of you. All around I see my brothers and sisters holding up their light to your face. They shine their light and raise their hearts way up high so that it feels as bright as day.

This light is ours. This light is mine. This light has been since the abyss before the beginning. Blessed be thou, darkness, for bringing it forth tonight.Image

” May the ones who have loved us and left us, protect and guide us in this world and in the next.”


It has been so long since I’ve been here that I wish I could recount all the little things that have happened. I realize that there are no ordinary moments and even though there have been few major life events over the last few weeks, this time has been filled with a number of small occurrences, magical events and moments of true intensity.

We have encountered some major trials in the last few weeks. I don’t really want to get into details. Suffice it to say that there have been times where I could barely get out the front door. And there are times, like today, where everything is possible. It’s one of the lessons I learned from Witchcraft: the dark and the full moon are the two sides of the One. So, there needs be no guilt in falling to pieces and plummeting in the abyss of despair, and even to question the benevolence of God/dess. What we feel, we need to feel it intensely, for good or bad. And today, on the bus ride home from work, I felt that only Greatness could come of this trial. With tears in my eyes, I could only feel humbled that I could be deemed worthy of such Greatness. I wanted to write this down somewhere so that I could remember it the next time everything falls apart…

So in the midst of the storm, I’ve learned some valuable lessons. I took out my rosary on a couple occasions and found such strength in the quiet, rhythmic contemplation it offered. On another occasion, as I walked the bustling streets of downtown Montreal, a song rose from deep within me, a sort of ode to the Goddess and to the Holy women of our lineage and I found myself singing aloud on the street. The whole world seemed to start singing with me and I felt I could hear everything and smell everything and feel what others were feeling. When you are in the most intense of emotional states, that is when you truly feel compassion for others. When you are at your most vulnerable, you see what truly matters and that we all ache, fear and yearn for the same basic things. We are all exceptionally human.

In the midst of a yoga class, I was also reconnected with Joy. I watched my hands go up in a salutation to the sun and it felt so graceful and beautiful that I felt Joy and pleasure rise like a wave in my chest, a feeling that I had forgotten. Many spiritually minded people tend to view life as a series of lessons to be learned. I certainly take my ‘training’ very seriously. But when everything becomes serious, it is very easy to forget to feel joy, to smile wildly for no reason. So in the midst of the chaos, I remembered that ‘all acts of pleasure are my rituals.’ I’ll ‘work’ harder on feeling it deep inside and on smiling for no reason.

Good resolutions for a new year… Samhain is also marking the wind-down for me into the slow, contemplative months of winter. I am getting ready to go within, to save my energies and do things that nourish my soul. I’ve taken out the books I want to read, and the stories I want to write and the artwork I want to finish. I want to gather the whole family around our hearth and give them a place to come together and rest. I think we all need that.

May your ancestors bless your days and give you peace.

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