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Is it possible to be a Christian Witch?

At a time when the merging of spiritual systems can be controversial and challenging, this inspiring book offers guidance and insight into blending faiths in today’s world.

Raised in the Catholic faith, Adelina St. Clair spent many years questioning and soul-searching before she found a way to merge aspects of Wicca and Christianity into a vibrant, loving belief system. Filled with personal anecdotes, this book tells the story of St. Clair’s journey of self-discovery and revelation, illuminating the fusion of spiritual beliefs in a way that no formal text ever could.

A unique mix of memoir and how-to, this book addresses major contradictions in belief, such as monotheism, Goddess worship, magic, and the teachings of Christ. Through real-life examples and daily rituals, it shows how one woman incorporated her Christian identity into a Wiccan practice.


41 Responses to “About The Path of a Christian Witch”

  1. patti Says:

    ms adeline st clair, i love this book with all my heart. i was having difficulties in choosing my path. i love jesus and i will never turn my bad on him. he never did with me. but i couldnt choose a chruch because of all the fake people inside. so there i stood trying to figure out which way to go. my boyfriend is a 2nd degree witch ( pagan ) and i help put together the events that the pagans have. well my best friend is high preistess. well at these events we all have fun but when it comes to the ritual part, i always sat back and watch. i started feeling like i didnt belong until one of elders said lets burn a christian and my heart sank. then he said that christian shouldnt be at the events. from that day i felt out of place and alone and lost. until my best friend ( the high priestess ) found this book ( the path of a christian witch ) now my spirits has been lifted and i have found my path. thank you so much for coming into my life when you did.

    blessed be,

    patti kinder

    1. Adelina Says:

      Hi Patti,
      That’s what the book is all about. Thanks for giving it its true meaning. May your path be joyful and uplifting!
      Blessed be,

  2. Leah Says:

    Good Morning Adelina,
    I received your email and have now subscribed to this blog to learn more from you. Also requested invite to the facebook group. I am hoping to start my true journey soon. I just have to balance myself and define my true dreams first. Thank you again for your words. Have a amazing warm and loving holiday!

    Blessed Be,
    Leah Boutwell

  3. Joana Gil Says:

    Hi Adelina 🙂 First of all I want to thank you for your book. I’m reading it and you can’t imagine the importance its message has to me.

    Sometimes I feel like l’m reading my own story, feeling my own doubts and insecurities…

    I received a catholic education, but soon enough, before my 10 years, I felt that there was something wrong, punitive, and narrow minded about the church message… I had questions nobody wanted to answer or at least consider… I believed in angels, but also in nature spirits, I believed in a Father but also in a sacred Mother… I believed in the importance of this life but also on the path of reencarnation… So I decided to keep my mind open and not attached to a specific dogma… Later, some years ago, inspired by the books of Marion Zimmer Bradley, as Mists, Lost Atlantis and others… I felt a strong ressonance in my soul of the role of the priestesshood and the cult of the Sacred Mother, and I began exploring Paganism. Unfortunately I haven’t found such a tolerant group (Crescent Moon) as you did. I remeber being in a Yule celebration, and hearing the High Priestess say that “Here baby Jesus doesn’t enter”. I felt such a sarcasm and wickedness in her voice, towards such a pure symbol of Christianity, that I began avoiding their reunions, although they are one of the most important representatives of Paganism in Portugal. I prefer being solitary until at least I find a group where I feel confortable in.
    Prejudice exists in all factions, both Christians and Pagans…
    I also have difficulty devoting to some figures that I see as mythological, created by specific cultures in specific contexts. When I pray, I talk to some abstract energy in this Universe, with no shape, and no specific face, but in whom I feel I special essence, either more feminine or masculine. The figures in which I find the ressonance of this energy are Asherah, Shekinah and Sophia (which I see as the same Great Mother) I also rever her in the form of Elen of the Ways, goddess of the sea, travelers and decisions, protector of animals and nature. I feel her protection while I travel in the seas and paths of life. The masculine figure for me is more abstract.
    I think wisdom can be found in Budism, Gnosticism, Christianism, Paganism and others. We’re all talking to the same energy, we’re just using different languages.
    The message you transmited in your book that we can be eclectic, that we don’t have to abandon what conforts our heart, we don’t have to choose or reject, we just need to integrate, cherish, and respect, was very important to me. It showed me once more that when we see things from above, everything is connected and makes sense in the matrix of our existence.

    Thank you and sorry for such a long comment 🙂

  4. Becky Jung Says:

    Adeline, thank you for writing your book. I too was raised Catholic and almost became a Carmelite nun. I turned away from Catholicism when the monastery I wanted to enter told me no due to a medical condition. I was just devestated and felt rejected by God. I looked to wicca hoping to fill that hole in my heart. I have explored Wicca for almost seven years and have learned a lot but couldn’t find a deity that I could relate to. I read your book in one sitting and everything resonated with me. I have dearly missed Jesus and Mother Mary with my whole soul. I am glad to know that I can take two paths and blend them together with my heart leading me. Now I feel whole and at peace again. If you ever get a chance, read “Moon Under my Feet” by Clysta Kinstler. It’s a remarkable book about Mary Magdalene. This book also has let me see her in a different light. I also am getting to know her.

  5. Tina Raulerson Says:

    Adeline, I have been searching for so long and to have you all of a sudden “dropped in my lap” is unbelievable! I bought your book and I an reading it now, makes me wants to know more! And I just found your website also and I am reading it too. Thank you….

  6. I am 41 and seeking right now, caught between Jewish roots, Christian culture & theology, and a 25 year old yearning for the Goddess (introduced by the fiction work of Marion Zimmer Bradley, of course…). I have manifested “gifts of the Spirit” but have been largely rejected in many circles because of my gender; a woman shouldn’t be so powerful, I guess. In recent years I have walked away from many of my gifts, but cannot ignore them any longer. I hope that your journey will help me on my way.

  7. Doc Hansen Says:

    Adeline: you will never know what a blessing you are to all of us that didn’t know which way to turn–I thank you for “taking a risk” and posting this wonderful web site–you are loved–Doc

  8. Mathew Says:

    Dear Adena, you are a wonderful woman. Especially for posting this book. I mean publishing. Lol. I have been struggling to choose with Wicca and Christianity–I think Catholicism in general, and it didnt seem likei could blend the two and feel happy. I heard about your book and went to the website, then stumbled upon this one and i have to say you truly make my heart leap. ❤ Our path is not one of stereotypical christianity and doing all you can for the reward of ascension and heaven and all you want, its about living life to the fullest, honouring Our Father in Heaven and Our Earth Mother/Mother Earth both equally and living by Jesus' teachings. I have heard of Trinitarian Wicca and agree with that too. I just have to say, as one of the unfortuneately few people who walk a blended path such as this, you have truly made my heart soar and have uplifted my spirits to the high levels of love, peace, laughter and happiness and understanding that only Christianity and Paganism can fill for me… And have put the two together.I hope I walk this path forever.It is truly my own spirituality. ❤ You are such a BLESSING to this world. Thank you so, so, sooo much hun.

    Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again,

    1. Adelina Says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. May your path be blessed!
      Love and light,

      1. Mathew Says:

        haha . You too! Im just into Eclectic Spirituality and mainly Christianity and Wicca. Sometimes i feel connected to the Father and other times the Mother and i feel really Pagan.
        Witing this now reminds me of how one can be eclectic, as there is no Universal Law that says you cant.. lol, soo, yeah. Thanks again.:) I think I should do a devotional ritual to Jesus, Christianity, The Mother Goddess/Mother Earth and Mary and probably Mary Magdelene (After getting into her gospel I have deep, deep respect for her). I think that will be my “confirmation”. I still feelvery “You have to have one faith and one religion and only one etc. etc.”.. But your words made it go away, 🙂 Devotional ritual for sure !!

        Also! Thanks a bunch for posting those mini ritual tidbits and so forth on the website! This and the whole Sophian thing make me uber happy. Have a Blessed Yule/Christmas/Winter Holiday!!!! ❤ 😀 Love n Light.

  9. i’ve been trying to find a religion that suits me, and this seems to be the one. i’ve heard a lot of christian witches tend to use old celtic spells and rituals. what are your suggestions?

    1. Adelina Says:

      Celtic Christianity is something I need to look into more profoundly. It has all the aspects of old religion and adaptations of Christianity. I’ll let you know what I come up with!
      Blessings for Christmas and the New Year!

  10. donnaeason Says:

    Ms. St. Clair, your book has come to me at the perfect time when I’ve been trying to reconcile my Christian beliefs and upbringing with my Pagan practices. I’m so thrilled that you decided to write this book. You’ve opened a new world to me…a journey that I have begun this Spring as a Christian Witch. I’ve never felt so attuned to God as I do now, and my spiritual practice has become one of the most important aspects of my day. Thank you so much for this gift!

  11. donnaeason Says:

    Ms. St. Clair,
    Thank you so much for this gift you have given the Christian and the Pagan worlds in showing that there can be a practice that encompasses both. I have been trying to reconcile my Christian roots and Pagan practices for a while, and by reading your book, a new world has been opened to me. I am now starting my own journey as a Christian Witch, and my spiritual practice has never been as fulfilling and wonderful as it is now. Thanks again!

  12. Love your book Adelina- i always new i was different from the time i was little- I also will never turn my back on Christ, but feel i can truly be comfortable in nature and what it means to be a Christian and witch in one body- Thank u so much- i will continue to be a solitary witch. To think it took me 61 yrs to figure this out -well better late then never –Blessing be yours

  13. Courtney Says:

    I have so many questions plz email me

  14. Meghan Says:

    (I live in the bible belt. I go to church most sundays. I believe in God and Jesus. But I have never trusted the bible. It has always seemed corrupted by the time. A book of divinity would not show such a thing…Or at least I do not believe it so. I love Jesus because of his teachings. Like judge not lest thee be judged or whoever is without sin may cast the first stone…IT was not slay the filth and all women are whores like the old testament made me think…I could not find more than 5 women in the entire bible or were not put down…IT seemed to me like a male dominant religion. I am unable to believe in one gender being higher than another. I hope I can find your book. They banned a ton of new age stores recently because like I said the church goers here can be harsh my own sister told me i am going to hell for using healing magic…things i was born with and have grown…but i feel scared to go to church and scared to follow my heart. but i need to follow my heart im tired of living in fear and doubt…i really hope i can find my answers in your work )

    1. Adelina Says:

      Dear Meghan,
      You can buy my book online if you cannot find it locally. I hope you will find some answers. Most important of all, find answers within yourself. That is what Jesus did.
      Much love,

  15. Ashley F. Says:

    I stumbled upon your book by chance a few days ago, and since then I have been unable to put it down. It was like I was reading my own story. I almost cried in the bookstore (I read most of it there). Its so nice to know that I am not alone. 🙂

  16. zb Says:

    I just got your book as I am exploring this blend. It is a very neat thing to see and I’ll look forward to reading it. I hope you see this comment–I am curious as to how similiar your beliefs are to Trinitarian Wicca.

  17. I have only been able to read a few pages but this book vibrationaly
    resonates with me. I know there will be many more that I will be sharing this book with. It is time to spread our wings and realize that it is safe and loving to be who we are to be without shame, without judgement, without persecution of others and realize that it is all in Gods love. There is more than one path that can lead us home and it is up to the individual to find what works for them. Thank you. Humbly xoxFancyFacexox

    1. Adelina Says:

      Well said! What a wonderful feeling to finally feel free enough to soar! Wishing you much peace on your journey. Adelina

  18. Adelina,
    Brightest Yule/Christmas blessings to you. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your words of love and wisdom with us. Your book is lovely, insightful, and lifted my spirit when I needed it most. Your words touched me to the core, and really validated what I believed. I cannot thank you enough. I have to say, I recommend your book to people all of the time (Facebook, YouTube), and by extension, they too, have found great comfort and solace in your writing. Deep peace and abundant blessings to you and yours, Dear Sister.

    1. Adelina Says:

      Hi Seth,
      I can’t thank you enough for your words. Everyone hopes to make a difference in people’s lives. There could be no greater Yule/Christmas gift. Keep the light shining onward. That is the only thing that truly matters. Blessings of light and love on this Yule eve. Adelina

  19. Jude Says:

    I am reading this book for the third time now! I always get this book out when I am feeling unsure and even when I am feeling sure! Mwah xxxxx

  20. Jorge Melet Says:

    Well, 20 minutes left from reading your book. My personal path it´s similar to yours raised like a catholic but with my soul feeling the nature as sacred. I live in Venezuela when you can´t join a coven so easy and i pass my life going into the church and out of it, feeling the energies but with all the catholic concepts of God of me. Feeling incomplete in the church but a sinner out. Thanks to you for know that i´m not alone in my path. Un abrazo.

  21. Thank you so much for putting a meaning to my beliefs. I have always believed aspects of my Southern Baptist raising and Wicca that I knew was right deep in my soul. Forever searching for where I belonged, feeling lost. Now I feel as if I can begin to complete me.

  22. Nic Says:

    I would like to thank you for this book. I have been struggling with my Celtic heritage and my Christian family/ beliefs for some time now. I am a soldier that recently left the army after 7 years and have been trying to reconnect with my wife and son, find my new path in this world and ultimately restore balance to my spirit. Your book has changed my life in so many ways and helped me to find peace again after so long feeling lost. Thank you for this, i’ll never forget you in my own prayers.

    1. Adelina Says:

      Thank you so much. We can always use a little prayer. Major transitions are always difficult. My family and I are still going through it since coming back from the great North 3 years ago. It takes courage and faith.

      Bright blessings to you on your new Paths.

  23. cindy Says:

    I would like to say thank you for making this site available. I grew up in a christian home – Protestant – but have allways felt draw to the craft.
    I am now ready to make the leap of faith to start studying witchcraft. However, I am stuck on one passage in the Bible; Galatians 5:19-21. This is where Paul lists the acts of a sinful nature. It’s the only place in the Bible that I could find that specificaly states that witchcraft is sinful.
    I was wondering how to get over this hurtle? All the other verses I’ve found I can say don’t pertain to my struggle. Only this one. Please help.
    Thank you!

    1. Adelina Says:

      Hi Cindy,
      I’m glad you are finding your place in the world. It’s always difficult to step off the well-trodden path.
      I know different denominations view the Bible differently in terms of its absolute authority. I did not grow up with a feeling that every word was binding, but that I had to reflect on it and see how it applied to my life. There is also the question of validity and translation and historical context in which the bible was written (which I have touched upon in other posts). With regards to this specific quote, I have heard that one possible translation of the original text might have given ‘poisoner’ instead of ‘witch’. There are many words that are translated in a way that makes sense nowadays while the original meaning of 2000 years ago might have meant something different in the context. That is why I don’t get stuck on the words because so much can be affected just in translation, not to mention the change of context over the centuries. I hope this helps a little. Blessed journey to you!

  24. patricia Says:

    hello i found you by accident but thank god and the universe i did thank you so much x x lots of love light and bright blessings to you x x

    1. Adelina Says:

      Blessed solstice to you!

  25. Sandii Says:

    Dear Adelina,
    All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. I was raised Christian, by a very unchristian family, but married into a catholic family that practised and believed in their faith. I knew that I believed in the Holy Trinity, but didn’t believe that Jesus came on Earth to make men superior to women and women denied basic humanity. To me He preached of love, for all. I felt confused that the church should revere Mary, but deny every other woman any sort of status. I had felt drawn to Wicca many years ago, but felt that I was denying my belief in God. How was I going to rectify my beliefs? I saw your book and couldn’t wait to start reading it, I had found my home and now I begin the journey of educating my soul and finding like-minded individuals who share my beliefs. My query though is, being in the southern hemisphere our seasons are different, will our celebrations be different as well? We are heading to our winter solstice, and our Christmas is celebrated near summer solstice. I have more to learn, but you have started me on the path I wish to take.

    1. Adelina Says:

      Dear one, I feel blessed to be part of your journey. For the question of the Southern Hemisphere, you should probably ask someone who lives there. I think that the sabbats are reversed. If you join the Christian pagan fellowship on Facebook, there are people from Australia there.
      Blessed solstice!

  26. Melissa Says:

    Mrs. Adelina,
    I loved your book, it helped to open many doors for me. I have been on this path for a long time and find that sometimes life situation make things more difficult. My mother raised me as a Mormon, and I have been to many churches in my life and I have never felt comfortable in any of them. To many people judging me and not knowing who I am. I have had a very hard path in my 39 years and find that as long as I truly love my self and believe in the path I have chosen that life is what we make of it. I haven’t met many christian witches but, I have always since I was young had a capacity to love that I never understood. So like you I started searching and reading and trying to find who I am and why I was given such a gift to love. I went thru so many heart aches and so much pain and I ask my God why why give me such a gift if everyone I come in contact with end up hurting me. Why do I love so hard and so deep. I was crying and praying so hard to find the answer. Then one night I was so upset and I got down and prayed and prayed what seem like 15 mins which actually turned out to be 2 hours and I got my answer. I was told by God I give you this because I want you to show those who have lost there love how to love again because love is all there is there is nothing else. So that is what I do. But, it took me some soul searching to find me and it took even longer to forgive all those who hurt me, I could not move to help others till I found a peace within my self. I had to get rid of fear and replace with love and your book showed me there are others like me on this path and that it was a path of love , hope and faith. I can honestly say I know who I am and where I come from and I know my purpose and why I am here. Thank you for writing this book it will help so many others who are starting their path.
    May love and light follow you always bless it be.

  27. Brian Hazlak Says:


    I applaud you for writing this book. I have struggled for years attempting to find a spiritual identity. I was raised Roman Catholic, attended Catholic schools from Preschool through graduate school, and love many aspects of the faith. However, I have also witnessed the persecution of homosexual men and women at the hands of the church, and had a priest inform me that I would be committing a sin if I did not support the ultra-conservative candidate for government office. These are just 2 examples of many things I have witnessed that do not support Christ’s teachings. That said, when I was in college, I explored the idea of Paganism and witchcraft, but could never shed my guilt. Also, as a solitary, I missed the community feeling of attending mass. Since then, I have married in the church, have had a child baptized in the church, but have always felt sometimes that I am missing something important. I have studied Buddhist philosophy, practiced Yoga, gone on several holistic retreats…coming close, but still having something missing. This summer, I attended a Solstice gathering, had my Tarot cards read and meditated. I rediscovered my feelings towards witchcraft. I found your book while having a spiritual conundrum, and it opened my eyes to a possibility that I had not thought possible. Thank you and bless you!

  28. Cy Says:

    hello, i was looking for more info and tried to go to your site, http://www.adelinastclair.com/, will it be back up soon?

  29. Leah Says:

    I really wish I could get this book 🙂

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