Hello everyone!

I want to share a video that will change your vision of what it means to be different (and I think we can all relate with that…) It completely fits with my last post of trusting something deep inside. The take-home message: Stop learning, start thinking, and create!

This post is also in response to the news story of this woman in Ontario who sent a letter to a neighbor (who has an autistic son) saying that autistic people should be euthanized. As a therapist working with people with special needs and as a mother, it pains me that there is still such stupidity in the world. I’d like to share a little bit of awareness about this condition.

I used to believe in this myth of Autism. I’m a health care professional. It kind of comes with the territory. I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist, but the more I lived with it, the more it became this AMAZING thing. I don’t want to minimize what families are going through. It’s tough! Every single day!!!! And some days you just want to go fetal and let yourself wither away. But the truth is that there are people in this world who think differently, who are evolving different abilities. Us magical people go through exercises to expand our senses to another level. These people are born that way. Picture this: We process about 8 pieces of information every second. We filter out everything else. Autistic people process between 30 and 200. The strongest hit are the ones who are constantly bombarded by stimuli. This means that they smell everything, hear everything, feel their very own clothes on their bodies… at all times. They live in a ‘wave’ of sensory stimulation. Others can still manage the information coming in, but they live in a heightened state. They will notice the detail in a picture that escapes everyone else. They won’t be able to keep a conversation because the crickets are too loud. The stories in their heads take over the whole world. But they are smart! Many have IQ’s that are well above average. It is a huge spectrum. And because the world is so unpredictable and that they get constantly surprised with incoming stimulation, they like to keep their world predictable and they are susceptible to meltdowns and anxiety. It is just tough to be so stimulated all the time. And it is tough to be constantly expected to live as if this is not all happening.

I started this paragraph with the ‘myth’ of Autism. Autism is an opinion. It is again an imposition of what is normal. But I think the following videos speak for themselves. We should be amazed by these people and let them develop their beautiful gifts instead of stuffing them in the same box with the rest of us. Doreen Virtue has written extensively about these Crystal children. So this topic flows perfectly from my last post. Time to think outside of the box and to use whatever gifts are given to us.

So the first video is about a young boy named Jacob Barnett. He is 11 and just got a Ph.D. in astrophysics. His pre-school teachers thought it would be a waste of time to teach him to read.

The second video is about Temple Grandin who explains how her brain works in images. This ability allowed her to revolutionize the way we handle livestock and how to treat animals humanely.


These videos speak for themselves. Take a few minutes and be amazed!