Those of you who have been following my blog over the last couple years have probably noticed that I don’t post as much as I used to. One reason, as I have written last year, is that my family has been needing 1000% of my attention (I’m barely kidding).

But there is another reason why I have been writing less than before. I have realised, deep inside myself, that I am longing to become the Student once more. Since writing ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’, I have been writing, offering what knowledge I have and answering questions from readers worldwide. So, I have found myself in a Teacher position for the last 3 years. I have realised lately that what I yearn more than anything right now, is to learn.

My book ends with my year and a day. At the time, I was still in Crescent Moon School, being a student. Then, at one point, I felt that I had to go out into the world and fend for myself. I wanted to see what other teachers had to offer. I wanted to wander and see where Spirit would take me. It took me to a number of teachers and ultimately took us to Chisasibi, where the North became my greatest teacher. It also called upon me to cross that line between learning and sharing the gifts I had learned. I started putting all that on paper, into what ultimately became ‘The Path’. I also started meeting people who were sympathetic to the Craft and who wanted to learn more about it. I started facilitating a little yoga group and I read Tarot for the first time for people other than my close family.

I feel that I am going full circle in the Student – Teacher cycle. I feel like taking to the road again to see what I might learn next. I am doing more shamanic journeys to learn about myself. I am connecting to my power animals to learn from them. I am also signing up for workshops and I am consulting with a Shaman teacher that I met at a workshop last year. She has helped me find the right questions that I need to ask myself.

You should never give your personal power away to anyone. It is especially true of any Teacher or guide that you might try to follow. A good teacher gives you the questions that you need to answer. A good Guide gives you your power back so that you need not depend on her. But, a good teacher is also someone who seeks the counsel of another wise soul and seeks knowledge at every turn. Do not trust a Teacher who is not willing to be a Student at least as often as he is a guide to others.