March 2013

Just to let all of you know that I am also blogging on Pagan Square, the blog for ‘Witches and Pagans’. I will leave a link on my blog whenever I post on that site in case you are interested in the topic. It will be a little less of a personal blog, focusing on topics related to the merging of Pagan and Christian practices.

So here is a blog post on Dissidence:



I must have said this before, but I love Lent. I know that it sounds strange, since it is supposed to be a time of penance and sobriety. But there is such power in this time of the year. Every year, without exception I get a big revelation. I set out with a need, an intention for something I want in my life or something I want to change. Just by putting out that intention, I usually end up with something that hits me in full force. This year was not different. I just sat at my altar, quietly listening, and it became clear what would be my quest this year. Sorry for the suspense, but I am not sharing. This is my lesson for the year. I don’t want to influence anyone in what they need to invite in their lives. Try it just once, to sit and listen to the voice within and you will be amazed at what comes up.

Here is how Lent manifests in my life:
First I listen for that lesson I need to learn. Then I make a commitment to work on it for the duration of Lent. Then that lesson becomes a guide for my actions over the next weeks. Holy Week usually offers a final insight on my life, something that really stays with me. For as long as I have done this, I can recall every lesson that has been given me this way.

Since hearing my lenten lesson, I have been putting the lesson into action and pushing my limits. Just being in the mindset creates opportunities for the lesson to manifest. One thing leads to another and the world just opens up into a dialogue between me and the Divine. It is precious beyond words.

May your Lent be filled with Grace.

It is a historic day when a Pope bows before his people and asks for their blessing. With a name like Francis, there is much reason to be hopeful.
I look out my window and I see the tiniest sliver of a new crescent moon. Indeed, it feels like a new beginning.