A few hours after writing my last post, I boarded a plane that took me and the family to Poland for three weeks of family time. If you recall, my last post was about the celebration of the solstice and the acknowledgement of the transformation of the sun god figure from Helios to Elijah to Jesus.

As I opened up my meal tray in the plane, I found myself staring at this symbol on a packet of salt:


I closed my eyes and took in this magnificent gift. I felt like I had just said something and the Almighty was just casually talking right back. We often feel like we are doing all the talking. If only God would talk back, right? S/He does. We just have to speak the right language. I felt like It was telling me: ‘You’re unto something there. You are on the right track. Interesting point.’ As if I was talking to a colleague or a friend. We should never doubt that we are in an ever flowing conversation with the Divine. We just have to do as much listening as talking.