Blessed solstice everyone!

Lift up your hands and soak up the sun! That is all the only ritual you need!

I was reflecting yesterday on the sun god Helios, who became Elie (Elijah) and who was transfigured as our own sun/son, the ‘new’ Elijah, Christ Jesus. Art was never able to rid us of what theology and philosophy so easily did away with: the image of a sun god, transfigured in the many faces throughout time and places all the way to our own prophet Jesus.

As we celebrate the peak of the sun’s power, our brothers down under celebrate their longest night. Blessed solstice to you too! God’s wisdom is engrained into the very world we live in. The balance of light and dark is always present, above and below. So let’s forsake our books and find wisdom in what God/dess actually says. Mythology expressed it best: the sister of the sun god Helios is Selene, goddess of the moon. There is indeed balance in all things.

Also, happy aboriginal day to all our aboriginal brothers and sisters. Thank you for keeping your wisdom alive in spite of everything that has happened to you. We much need it.

The family and I are flying off to Europe this evening for 6 weeks of family time, which will be split up between Poland and Italy. We’ve been planning this for a long time, so we are all very excited. I will be away from internet connections for that time so your emails will take longer than usual to get a reply. I’ll take this time to reconnect to another type of Web.

Blessings for a strength-filled summer! God and Goddess bless!