Something has been sneaking up on me lately. It’s been coming up in various ways in my daily life and in dreams at night. I’d like to share a bit of it with you all.

We have a crucial role to play in this day and age. We do others no service by erasing ourselves. We have to be part of the world. If we do not step up and speak out, then others with much less charitable motives will.

This revelation came to me first a few years ago when I was teaching yoga to a small group of friends. Now, I use ‘teaching’ very loosely. It was more like facilitating a group up north where there were no other way to participate in a yoga session. I found myself leading a guided meditation. All the while, my inner voice was nagging me: ‘Who are you to be a teacher to anyone? You really think that you have the wisdom to offer counsel and lead a practice?’ I opened my eyes and looked at the women there. They had asked me to do this. They wanted this practice and this moment of serenity. And the voice inside me changed. It said: “They need you to be this. It’s time to become what you are.”

I’ve had dreams lately of the same nature. I think that a great value in Christianity is humility. Too often in spiritual circle, it tends to be forgotten. The drawback is that we consider it arrogant to take our full spiritual place and to consider ourselves important in the world. As Christian Witches, we have the possibility of being the middle ground between harsh proselytizing Christians and the sometimes elitist spiritual movement. We can offer a Presence.

I’ve been facing some challenges lately. I knew that coming back south would be difficult. I didn’t realize that so many little things would bother me. Like someone coming back home after a long time, all the idiosyncrasies of the system and of society harass my senses. You know, all the things that everyone takes for granted: bureaucratic procedures, child-rearing philosophies,  political idiocy, consumer driven high-jacking of morals…. It all gets to me to a point of obsession. What do you do in the face of all that? I’m a warrior at heart, so obviously, I want to fight. So what do I do? Do I start riots? Do I write letters? Do I fight everything that no one else seems to be bothered about? Do I simply let it slide and try to stay sane?

As I was researching models in community-based rehab for my work, I read someone’s blog on humanitarian missions. It said: ‘What do you do in the face of all the problems of the world?’ The  answer was: ‘Pick a spot. Get involved.’

I’m passing on this wisdom to you. Our path is one of action and presence in the world. Jesus acted according to his beliefs, in spite of laws and social order. He didn’t preach a religion. He showed action. So I am passing the fruits of my reflection to you:

The world needs you to be this.
Pick a spot.
Get involved.