My son started school today. OK, just Pre-K, but still it means a whole lot of changes for everyone. And change doesn’t always sit well with him. But that being said, I am happy to report that he had a spectacular day. His exhausted looking teacher told us he was the only one who didn’t cry. And he came out of the school yard saying ‘School is fun.’ That’s all you want to hear from a four year old.

I took the day off today to accompany him on his big day. After he had pretty much told us to go away, my husband and I had some quiet time to have breakfast together, shop for some new threads and debrief about this big day. When I came home, I prepared supper and cleaned up to give us a fresh start. As I was wiping the living room coffee table, I had a vision of what our house had looked like just a year ago. Last labor day weekend, we notarized the house, painted, moved in. I had (I kid you not) 200 boxes in my living room. In the weeks that followed, the kids started new daycares, my husband started university, I started a new job, lost that job and looked for a new one. I was trying to get the Christian Pagan Fellowship going, while trying to blog and write and answer emails from readers, because that is what I love to do and I couldn’t put it aside. I knew then that it was madness, but while you are in it, you just keep going and think it’s just the way it is. I look at the house now, with the new living room set, the pictures put up, the kids’ stuff everywhere. We weathered the storm and it feels good. I took a stick of incense to my altar and raised it to my icon of Our Lord and His Mother. Because I know I didn’t do it alone.

As we were all peacefully sitting around the supper table, I looked up and saw a haze hovering over an empty chair. I smiled briefly. Another confirmation that there is indeed something watching over us.