I fell upon something I wrote right before starting to write ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’.  It is dated November 11, 2005. This was written barely a month after arriving up north. It was a time when I had done much studying already and I was wondering where I was supposed to take all this knowledge that had been passed on to me. It was a time when I took a stand and decided to come out of my shell and take a place in the world, own up to who I was as a Witch and a Priestess. Since many of you are witnesses of my journey through ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’, I though it fitting to share with you how I felt right before putting my life story to paper.

Where do I want to go….

In a room of sisterhood,
To be Clergy and light a candle in the dark,
Not for money or fame,
But to pass the flame one person at a time
To feel its warmth and solace,
To create a space, to create a race
That honors God.

To live like a Witch,
A life of knowledge and Mystery
In intimate harmony
With all that is.