All right! How is visualization going for everyone?

Here is a new exercise to get you through the weekend. And it doesn’t involve fruit!

Pick a word. It should be a random word, something neutral and not too emotionally charged. You can pick something like ‘Table’ or something abstract like ‘effervescence’ or a pretty flower like ‘chrysanthemum’. The word itself doesn’t really matter. But if you pick a word like ‘Love’ or ‘Compassion’ or someone’s name, you might get an emotional reaction that might distract you from the purely mental exercise of visualization.

So pick your word. Write it letter by letter in you mind. Notice the font you use, the color of the font. It might be floating or static. Notice your pronunciation of it. It’s your word and your mind. You are free to use it as you wish.

Now, open your eyes, but keep your word there, in your head. You might notice that it looks different, much as things look different behind a pair of sunglasses. You might feel it more than actually seeing it. The important thing is that your word remains present.

Here is the fun and tricky part: Keep your word in your mind while you are busy doing other things. Feel it linger there while you cook, or watch TV (please, not while you drive, OK?) or while you are on the bus. You don’t have to keep it in focus all day. After all, this takes a certain amount of energy. Periodically, during the day, bring your word back to the surface and let it hang around with you while you do other things.

We will chat about the meaning of all this next week. Hope you are having fun with this!