I am back in my spirit home up north with my family. It is so great to see the kids excited and running around in the fresh air. We are here for a few weeks. I am working during this time, but I hope that the freshness of the air will leave me rejuvenated and filled with  a quiet peace. During this time, I will have limited access to internet, so please do not be alarmed if you do not hear from me either on the blog or on Facebook. I will answer my mail when I get back. This is a forced retreat where I intend to dance to the rhythm of the wind and the flow of the river, to reconnect with the Great Source. I wish you all well during this time.

Before I go, I leave you with a little exercise that has left me filled with joy and energy. A good friend of mine mentioned an exercise that she was doing and I decided to follow her lead. The exercise consists of writing down  100 things that you want to do in your life. I am doing this exercise not with the mindset that life is short and I am going to die (which of course is true on both counts). I am doing the exercise to look at my life and draw out what makes me vibrate in my innermost place. As I was thinking about my 100 things, I was amazed at the power of some of the most mundane little things. I was surprised at how happy the thought of brewing specialty tea was making me and how I had a really passion for food and dance and getting people together. Some things that a lot of people would automatically consider as a ‘must’ didn’t strike me as exciting at all. It is a great exercise in ‘Know thyself’ and a great way to have fun and dream a little.

Thanks Gen, for this beautiful exercise.

So I wish you all a great month and a beautiful journey with your wish list. God and Goddess bless.