The last couple of exercises should have convinced you that there indeed is an energy field that surrounds everything. If you are still finding it difficult to perceive this energy layer, keep practicing. Give yourself a chance and just believe it exists. Once your eye adjust to this reality, you’ll wonder how you ever missed it!

So now you see the energy swirl in front of you and possibly even around other people. We are surrounded by this energy. It surrounds us in a kind of egg shaped cocoon. The ‘quality’ of this layer varies from person to person. If you are lucky to share this journey with someone close, you might want to test each others’ energies to test your perceptions.

We are now going to take this a step further. Remember to center and ground firmly, because you are about to play around with your own energy field.

Exercise 1:

Close your eyes and try to envision with your inner eye how far your energy bubble reaches around you. Is it bigger in the front? Is it thinner in certain areas and thicker in others? How much space does it take up?

Now reach out your hand and try to feel where your energy field ends. You might find that there is a little give as you cross the edge of your energy field similar to the surface tension of a droplet of water. If you are working with someone else, you will see that very often a person’s own vision of their field matches the perception of others who test it with their hands or with their inner vision. It is quite striking and it is a foundation on which to build your confidence in your own magical abilities.

Some people have their energy field very close to their body. Others fill a room with it. You know the expression ‘bigger than life’? Well, that’s exactly what we are talking about! Which brings me to the next exercise.


Exercise 2:

It is possible to manipulate our energy fields according to our need of the moment. We can become bigger or we can become smaller. The key is to be well connected to the Earth, our primary energy source. So, we must begin by being well grounded. Notice where your energy field is in front of you. Drawing in energy from the Earth, fill your bubble so as to push the confines of your energy field. I find it easiest to draw in energy on an inhale and to expand on the exhale. See how big you are able to expand your energy field. Expansion can be useful in various context. You can use it to gain attention in a subtler way than yelling for it. It can also be used to command respect from others, take a position of leadership or take a warrior stance when approaching conflict. It helps (a little) to get the kids to listen up. Well, it did at the beginning anyway….

Now, try the opposite. Suck in your energy to make your energy field stick as close as you can  to your skin. Take note of how you feel. This may feel quite natural for you or it may feel like you are walking around naked. It is really a matter of personality. This is the invisibility cloak. You want to restrict your energy field when you want to go unnoticed, to sneak around, to evade conflict or if you don’t want to be found.

Now, just for fun….

Try these techniques while walking in a crowd, like on a busy street or in the subway. See how people around you react. Do they tend to bump into you more? Or do they get out of your way?

If you are working with someone else, first practice with your own field and then try these exercises together. Once you master the art of expansion and constriction, try it in different settings, while walking around or while talking to other people. It is by practicing in many different settings that you will be able to master this technique and be able to do it at the speed of light. Make sure to write all your observations in your journal or book of shadows.