How is everyone doing with the last exercise? Any success?


Now that you can see that thin film of smoke that surrounds the body, try seeing a little further. Still in the dark (well, it’s easier for me that way), try focusing your gaze about 10 inches in front of you, without focusing on anything in particular. Just look at the space in front of you. See if you can make out something, like a whirl of light, or maybe even subtle flashes or a sense of something moving. How does it move? What color is it? Is it easy to see or a little out of your reach?


Another variant is to look at someone else, focusing on the area just around the body. Preferably, you would ask the person for permission, or else you might get a weird look and a ‘What are you doing?’ The head area is where we give off the most heat and it might be easiest to see a kind of halo effect there. Basically, it is like looking right above a bonfire. You can see through, but everything is kind of distorted and it moves around. Same thing happens around a person. We are just so used to seeing it that our brains have kind of filtered it out. Yet, it is an important step in acknowledging that we are made of the same energy that a bonfire is made of. This envelope that surrounds us is extremely important in magic, as it will be a starting point in knowing your energy signature and is also crucial in learning to expand, contract and shield. But I’ll save that for the next lesson.

Keep practicing!