Blessed are thou, Lord of all Creation, for giving us the Mysteries,

That we are made in your Image, co-creators of all that is.

Blessed are thou, Holy Mother, from whom all blessings flow,

For bestowing upon us the greatest of Truths:

We are one, connected and undivided, ever flowing and never ending.

Most Holy Ones, I give you thanks for that which has been bestowed upon us through your kindness.

As the sun in its highest, you shed upon us your strength

Reminding us that it is indeed our own strength that you show us today.

As we behold your glorious orb today,

May we never forget the power that lives within us, power to move mountains, as you have taught us.

All blessings and honor to you, Lord and Lady

For yours are the kingdom, the power and the glory, now and forever.