In one of my previous posts, I broached the subject of how magic was done. I promised to come back to it, and I will on numerous occasions, because it is a topic without end. In that post, I mentioned that one essential part of developing the ‘Sight’ was to understand the fabric of the universe. I haven’t posted a study group exercise in a long time. Here we are, then. Let’s get working!

The basic lesson in magic is the understanding (or feeling) of the flow that is the universe. We are not merely bathing in it. We are it. It is a complete illusion to think that we are separate entities. We are one big flow merging and melding into one another and into everything. Kabbalah teaches that creation is a thought in the mind of God. So, every thought and every wave yields a result we can see and feel. We move in ‘God’-ness.

Now, let’s turn on your Sight.

See how you do on this little exercise…

Absolute pre-requisite to this exercise is grounding. If you haven’t mastered that, go back to it. It needn’t take long. Just find your place of stability, center your ‘self’ there and anchor yourself to the earth. Breathe.

Feeling the energy

 I started doing these exercises as a teenager, in my bed at night. It had nothing to do with Paganism then. It was just the acknowledgement of a deep truth that there was something there that I couldn’t see.

In the dark, put the tips of your fingers, thumb to thumb, index to index and so forth. Slowly, move your hands away from one another, ever so slightly. Focus your gaze in the space between your fingers. As your eyesight adjusts to the darkness, you’ll start to see the outline of your fingers, like a blue-white smoke. The darker it is in the room, the easier it will be to see. It might take a few tries to start seeing it, but don’t get discouraged. And don’t panic if nothing happens. Have faith! It might be so obvious that you might miss it, ironically enough. Look at this smoke move from one hand to the other. Move your hands further apart and see what happens. Follow this outline up your arms, like an energy skin. Notice how you feel, how your hands feel. Do you see something else besides this smoky outline?

This second skin is part of your energy body. It is made of the same stuff the universe is made of.

I’m tempted to give more exercises, but I’ll stop here for now. Enjoy this and I promise to return with more practice very soon.

On a different note, I am back at work with the Cree Health Board and it is like coming home. I want to share some Cree wisdom that I have read about and that made the world sing for me today:

Mother Earth provides everything that we need and it is freely given. When you look at the earth, you can see everything that helps you – the medicine, the air you breathe, the wind. You hear the rustling of the leaves, the howling wind, the crashing waves on the shore. When I look at the earth, I see medicine in the trees. I see medicine in the sand, the rocks and water, which is life.

 Elder Sally Mathews speaking in Cree in Pikutiskwaau (Video). (2002). Executive Producers:Clarence Tomatuk and Daisy Bearskin. Cree School Board. Spoken Song Productions.