As I sat in my tipi last week, I looked up at the magnificent moon, exhausted as I was, I whispered up, ‘Lord, you have never steered me wrong in anything that I have placed before you. I ask for your wisdom tonight. I’ve applied for a job with the Cree Health Board, working from the Montreal office. I want this with all my might, so that I reconnect with the people and the land that has given me so much. I want this for my family, to give us some rest from the frantic living of the city. I really want this, but I leave it up to you.’ I wrote this in the frozen ground. I also asked for help with my son and for the wellness of my family.

On Thursday, the human resource department called me and on Friday the executive committee had approved my nomination. As I drove home from work, with both kids in the back seat, I simply started crying. My chest became full of this pulsating sunshine and a rush of emotion moved through me. It wasn’t only the job. You can get dozens in a life time. But I felt so blessed. I felt as if God was riding in the car with us and I knew that S/He moved everything and that I was part of Its greatness. I felt this complete confidence that God was on my side, that S/He would never let me down. I felt that God and I were one, that we worked for the same purpose and that there is nothing S/He would deny us. Isn’t that what Jesus told us? I felt like the veil between the worlds was lifted and that I could see what the world was truly made of.

As tears rolled down my face in complete gratitude for this moment of revelation, a thought passed through my mind: ‘I have to show them this. People have to know.’ All of you. I’m not sure how to do that just yet. It’s not just technique. It’s taking a journey that transforms your vision and your being. I think that comes through walking the path and it will be different for every single person. Walk with me and walk with yourself. Know your power to transform everything you touch with hands, mind and heart. It is not wishful thinking. It is our God-given gift.

If you have lived moments like this, where God literally whispered in your ear, ‘I am here and I heard you. You matter to me,’ please share. The accumulation of all these little moments adds up to total faith and understanding in the workings of the universe. When something is asked in perfect love, with harm to none, you can literally reach out your hand and move the currents of the universe in making. I believe this with all my being. I believe that when one lives in a place of simplicity and humility, nothing is impossible.

For those of you who are following the exercises, I suggest watching the documentary ‘What the bleep do we know?’ It was fundamental in changing my understanding of the way the universe works.

Blessings to all!