My dear friends,

I hope your journey through the elements has been fruitful of revelations and discoveries. Here comes the last of the five elements: Spirit.

I don’t intend to say much about Spirit, other than it is a combination of the other 4 elements. I believe that it is only by reaching deep in our core that we get to know Spirit. And that’s where we are heading.

I attended an Angel channeling this past Friday (Time willing, I will give you guys a brief account of that evening in another  post…) In brief, the angels had one, and only one, central message: We are divine beings, full of light and powerful beyond our wildest imaginations. We are not weak, evil, confused, scared little animals. We are beings of light brought to earth by our divine Mother and Father to discover the lower planes and to fight the darkness. We just need to step up.

Many of you asked me to teach about energy and magic. Well, this lesson is the most important one I can give you. I wrote this exercise in my book and now it’s time to apply it. It is called centering and grounding.


Sit down in a quiet place. Make sure you will not be distracted and that you are comfortable: loosen up your clothing, let down your hair…
Close your eyes. Take a moment to be present. Close the door on the events of the day, leave them behind for a moment. Breathe in through your nose, hold your breath in your belly for a couple of seconds, and then exhale gently through your mouth. Release all the tension in your mind and in your body with your exiting breath. As you inhale, imagine that you are inhaling a soothing light that fills your body. This light brings warmth and a deep relaxation. Continue inhaling light and exhaling tension, until you feel vibrant and peaceful.

Focus on your body. Let your awareness scan every part of your physical being. Let your mind linger in your feet, legs, genitals, abdomen, back, chest, throat, arms, hands, shoulders, face, mouth, head… Everywhere you go, look at the energy that lies there. Is there a lot? A little? Is is tense? Volatile? Moving in waves? Pulsating? Is it a specific texture or color? What images or impressions do you get in your head? Once you have done this survey, look at your being in its entirety and notice where your energy is most concentrated. Is there a part of your body that holds more energy than others? Is there a place where you feel most stable, a place where you feel at home? What happens when you draw energy into this place? You might feel a tickle, or hear music, or feel an urge to laugh or cry…. It might be mild or it might be strong, but you will feel something different about that spot. Feel this universe within you, feel your godly light shine and take hold of you. This is your centre, the centre of your energy body. It may not be at a central point of your body. It could be in your hands, feet or forehead. Keep yourself open to all possibilities. Take a few moments to concentrate on that point, to feel the well-being of being in your sacred body space. This is where Spirit resides.

Grounding meditation

With your mind and energy focused on your centre, imagine a string of light emerging from it and going downwards into the earth, like the  root of a majestic tree. Feel your roots going from your centre and from your legs, thighs and back, like a giant tree, going through the floor, through the foundations of the house and digging through the rich earth beneath you. As you inhale, imagine the richness of the earth nourishing you. Feel the energy of the earth, the nutrients going up your roots in a trickle of colored light and filling you with its stability and strength. As you exhale, let your tension and negativity go down your roots into the earth, where they can be recycled. Continue breathing in and out, feeling connected to the centre of the earth, knowing that anytime you need this stability and nutrition, it is right there beneath your feet. When you are filled with light and filled with harmony, slowly bring back your roots into your body and into your centre. Take a few moments to get back to your reality. Listen to the sounds of your surroundings. Feel the floor under you. Then slowly open your eyes.


This exercise is the basis for all energy work and also the best exercise to get to know yourself energetically. I suggest you do it everyday this week to really get a sense of what it feels like to sit in your centre and to feel connected. At the beginning, it should take about 15 minutes to do the grounding. As you progress, you will be able to ground in a few seconds. That is why it is important to really take the time to practice grounding at the beginning so that you will know what it feels like to be grounded. Once your being knows the feeling, it will be much easier to get into that state.

As we go into more practical energy work, I would really like to hear your comments and questions on how it is going so I can adjust my teachings to everyone’s experiences. We are one big classroom and sharing is the best way to learn. Have a blessed week!