Blessed are though, Lord God of the universe, for blessing us with the Mysteries.

And blessed are though, Holy Mother, in whose womb we grow.

For this night, we are given the light of Hope, that we are no longer merely human wretches, but Sons and Daughters of God.

Blessed Raphael, Angel of Earth, strength and healing, all honors to you.

Blessed Gabriel, Angel of air, who foretold this glorious event, blessed be.

Archangel Michael, may your strength and courage light in us our thirst for justice.

Archangel Uriel, Angel of Hope, bless this night.


As I lit my pillar, the whole darkness vanished and I felt the power of Hope surge within me, this power to cast away what destroys Life. All my world was ablaze with this light and no longer can I walk in complete darkness. For I know the Truth: there is Divinity in me to create that which sustains life. My Lord told me so.

I lay at the foot of my candle the Holy Gifts: Frankincense and gold and I anointed my candle with myrrh oil.

Holy Lord, glorious is this day of your birth.

Holy Mary, through your pains the world was given its Lord. Blessed are though.

Lord you have fulfilled your promise to be with us until the end of time. May this night be a reminder of this promise as we light the flame of Hope in our hearts. No longer will we fear the darkness, for you are with us. Amen


Blessed Yule!