December 2010

Blessed are though, Lord God of the universe, for blessing us with the Mysteries.

And blessed are though, Holy Mother, in whose womb we grow.

For this night, we are given the light of Hope, that we are no longer merely human wretches, but Sons and Daughters of God.

Blessed Raphael, Angel of Earth, strength and healing, all honors to you.

Blessed Gabriel, Angel of air, who foretold this glorious event, blessed be.

Archangel Michael, may your strength and courage light in us our thirst for justice.

Archangel Uriel, Angel of Hope, bless this night.


As I lit my pillar, the whole darkness vanished and I felt the power of Hope surge within me, this power to cast away what destroys Life. All my world was ablaze with this light and no longer can I walk in complete darkness. For I know the Truth: there is Divinity in me to create that which sustains life. My Lord told me so.

I lay at the foot of my candle the Holy Gifts: Frankincense and gold and I anointed my candle with myrrh oil.

Holy Lord, glorious is this day of your birth.

Holy Mary, through your pains the world was given its Lord. Blessed are though.

Lord you have fulfilled your promise to be with us until the end of time. May this night be a reminder of this promise as we light the flame of Hope in our hearts. No longer will we fear the darkness, for you are with us. Amen


Blessed Yule!

Here’s a little story that happened a couple of nights ago. After a particularly exhausting 2 hours of getting the kids to go to sleep, I slipped into bed and asked my heavenly Mother to reach out and talk to me. I was just wiped and I needed something I couldn’t even express. I just needed to be held and told that everything was all right. I didn’t want a big mystical revelation. Heck, I didn’t even know what I was asking for. I just turned to her and said, ‘Talk to me. I need you right now.”

I had a dream that I was standing in a classroom. The professor came up to me and gave me this little icon shaped like a many pointed star. On one side was a picture of Our Lady. ‘This is the Theotokos, the bearer of God’, the professor told me. He turned the icon around and there was a picture of a monastery on a mountain top. Mount Athos, I thought to myself. It is a monastery in Greece that I read about not so long ago. Orthodox saints live there, living a life of contemplation. It is a place of magic where healing and remote location and levitation are not so uncommon. But most of all, it is a place completely devoted to the Mother of God, who is the only woman allowed within its grounds.

As I got in the car the next morning, I found my key chain of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa that had been missing for a couple of months. Our Mother was telling me that she was here. She did not tell me how to deal with the kids or how to manage my life. Her message was that she was there, really there in my everyday life. She was real enough to send me an icon in my dreams and to manifest a key chain that I thought was lost forever. And if I am in need of anything, I know I can turn to Her and she will appear.

Hi everyone! I’m back and feeling much better. Thank you for all your thoughts and energy!

Since this is a study group, I guess the lesson to learn here is to focus your energy where it is needed! I have completely disconnected from everything over the last two weeks (yes, even from my email!) and really took the time to recharge. Yes, the energy of the universe is infinite, but we work on a finite scale. We can touch that limitless energy for a few moments from time to time, but we cannot live there (hence our constant desire to reconnect to it). So, working with finite energy, you have to direct it in the important places. When you are sick, it’s towards healing. When your world is tumbling into chaos, it’s towards your family, or your work or your finances or your relationships…. Your inner core is always connected to that Divine absolute, but your earthly energy needs to be rationed sometimes. Use it wisely and don’t spread yourself thin for no reason.

Speaking of energy, we are about to enter the realm of pure energy: fire. Fire is the element of ‘no limits’. It is pure energy, pure passion, courage, absolute anger, it is the element of burning up and throwing caution to the wind. No restraints! Its representation is obviously fire itself, usually as a burning candle. Spend time this week looking at the flame and feeling what it feels like to live there. If you are lucky enough, try to sit by a wood burning fire (in a fireplace or a fire pit). Listen to its sound, smell it, feel your skin burn with its warmth. Really feel Fire.

Fire is represented in the southern quarter. Its Archangel is Michael, whose flaming sword cast Lucifer from heaven. Swords and blades are associated with it, as are candles and string instruments. The animal associated with fire is the salamander. I associate warrior magic with this element (along with earth, because you always need a healing component when you fight). Magical applications of fire are to purify (obviously things that won’t get consumed by the flame, such as space or a blade) It is also used in petition magic. This consists of writing a request on a piece of paper and letting it burn during a spell or ritual. It is a symbolic gesture to visualize the request going up with the smoke all the way to the Divine. I also believe that burning the request is a way of saying that a paper is no longer necessary since the request will come to pass in reality. It is a way to strengthen will and to focus our intention. Candle magic is another form of magic associated with fire. There is an excellent entry of the Christian Pagan Fellowship discussion board on this topic. Essentially, candle magic consists of charging a candle with an intent (through energy or by writing on it) and to let it burn down completely to send out that intent. Candles are also used in devotion to the God and Goddess or to any other deity figure or saint.

Exercises for this week are the following:

1) Journal your experience of fire through all your senses. Feel the courage and passion and dismeasure that fire can bring.

2) find 5 practical and 5 magical uses for fire

3) Choreograph your fire dance (don’t skip this! It is an integral part of really feeling Fire)

4) find 5 examples of Christian references to fire

Journal all this and please share through a post! We have much to learn from each other!

I also want to add that some people might feel greater kinship to one element than to another. Experiencing all elements will really give you an understanding of who you are and what your natural gifts are. When I started on this path, I realized that air and fire were like a second nature. Earth and water were completely foreign to me. So, I really focused on feeling and understanding the element of Earth and its physicality and groundedness. I was so focused on learning more about it, that one day one of my fellow classmates said: ‘ You’re an earth person, aren’t you?’ I knew then that I was heading in the right direction. I’m still working on water and feeling emotions and compassion and so on…. But I’m getting ahead of myself: that’s next lesson.

Have fun tending the flame!

Hi folks! Just wanted to write a little something to let you know that my family and I were hit by the Flu train this week (yes, all four of us) and it is still dragging us mercilessly down the track. I guess this gives everyone a little more time to finish up the exercises. I have received some great examples via email. Please don’t be shy to post them and let everyone benefit from your insights. But for now, I’m on strict no magic, no studying, no nothing regimen until the bugs let go of me. Keep on the lookout for next lesson- Fire!