The children ate their supper without a fuss. We managed to dodge TV/movie watching by making cakes out of Play-Doh, we gave them baths, read stories and put them to bed. In short, a perfect evening!

How has everyone been feeling with the element of Earth? Any comments, revelations, quirky anecdotes?

Now that we felt the strength and solidity of Earth, it is time to feel light as a feather and fly. This week, we are exploring Air.

Air is the element of inspiration and communication. It is associated with mental processes and learning, philosophy and intellectual pursuits. It is the element of the mind. Here are few correspondences associated with Air:

Cardinal point: East

Color: Yellow

Archangel: Gabriel (the messenger)

Tools and associations: feathers, censor and incense, some associate blades to air (others ascribe them to Fire), divination tools, birds

It is customary to place incense in the Eastern quarter to represent air. Magical uses for Air (like last week, see if you can come up with a few before looking up the answers):

The use of breath is a big one, that I use regularly. Breathing itself has a calming, relaxing effect and is crucial in entering into a meditative state. Breath can also be used to bless objects and to direct energy. Air is used to speak words of Power and to perform incantations. It is used in mantras to achieve a meditative state or to go into trance. Because Air is the element of inspiration and of communication, it is the element associated with art of divination. Whether it be Tarot or scrying or channeling, Air is the element called upon in these practices.

This week’s assignment is as follows:

1) Become Air this week. Feel what it is like to be light as a feather and to tumble in the wind. Focus on your intuition and creativity and see what it feels like to live in that space. Try to communicate more, seek out others and truly feel the interaction.

2) Look around you and experience this element. Note down every example of Air that you can see in your surroundings. Describe what it looks like, feels like, sound, smells and tastes like.

3) Write down 5 practical uses that we have for Air. Try to find more magical uses for Air than the ones listed above.

4) Embody Air through a choreography of your own making.

5) List 5 Christian associations with the use of Air. This can be passages in the Bible, Christian practices or myths associated with Saints. I’m curious to see how many we can come up with. I encourage you to post these examples. I’m sure there are many!

May Air bless you with Divine inspiration. Enjoy the flight!