OK. I surrender. Let’s do some magic!

Step 1: Re-read my last post to make sure you understand the terms of this agreement!… (yes, I am paranoid)

Step 2: I ask a little favor in return of these exercises. Some of these will probably end up in a future book. I may want to include some comments, stories and feedback in the book, along with the exercises. It will always be anonymous, of course. If you do not wish your experiences used as an example, please let me know. You can notify me by email (adelinastclair@hotmail.com) or by posting a comment. I will definitely respect your wishes.

Step 3: Get yourself a little notebook where you can journal your experiences. This is mandatory. It is a way for you to monitor your learning and to really sit down and take the time to reflect on what is happening. Don’t skip the writing part. It is an essential part of the learning process.

The goal of these exercises is of course to develop your senses and to learn to use energy and weave magic. They will primarily work on building skills (although not always directly; you will see what I mean) But there is another goal that is even more important. These exercises will give you experiences that you will be able to use as tangible proof that there is something out there that we do not see. Throughout my studies, I underwent various exercises that became the building blocks of my faith in the unseen. And once I believed that such things existed, working energy became as easy as breathing.

So here it is: Exercise #1

This is an exercise of soul searching. Journal the following questions:

  • Why do you want to study magic?
  • How do you define magic?
  • How do you define Energy?
  • Peruse your own life journey. Jot down the instances when you came into contact with something you could not explain, when you felt a presence, had an intuition or connected to something bigger than yourself. It could be an event, a dream, a conversation. Write down as many as you can recall. These are your building blocks, the moments of proof that you can connect to that other world. Try to see if there are patterns, what circumstances bring them up, if they happened a long time ago (ex. when you were younger) or if they are recent, and if they demonstrate a particular ability that you have.

I’ll let you ponder that. I’m curious to see how your world will change once you start asking these questions and letting your sight open a little bit. Don’t be shy to post your reflections. Have a great week!