Hello everybody!

I’m getting increasing demands from people who would like me to teach them about energy work and magic. There is nothing that would make my life more complete than to dedicate myself to the Craft and to serve as Priestess to my Lord and Lady. It is really what I feel called to do. I have taught before and I would like to share these stories briefly.

One day, a friend and colleague mentioned her affinities for the ‘supernatural’. She noticed my books and started asking questions and we got to talking. She asked me teach her some things and I agreed. She had a knack for it, no doubt. She felt the energy and she was confident about it from the very start. As time went on, she started canceling our meetings and we started seeing less of her. She became withdrawn in general and it became very difficult to reach out to her at all. The truth is that she had a whole bunch of things going on in her private life, deep emotional things that she had never been dealt with and that were coming out to haunt her. It wasn’t the energy work that made her unwell, but I think it added just enough energetic movement to throw her off balance.

A little while later, another friend asked me to teach her how to do rituals. I had become a little wary of teaching because I knew the effects it could have. I made an agreement with her that I would teach her what she wanted to know, but that I would wait for her to ask me and that I needed her to tell me when she had enough information. This teaching method worked really well, because she would come and ask her questions, we would do some exercises and then she would go home and ponder things over for as long as she needed to. She let the magic work in her until she sensed that she was OK to learn more.

It became apparent to me that to study the Craft, you have to be ready for it. You have to be solid enough and conscious enough of yourself to detect if things are going wrong. You have to be honest with yourself and stop when you feel that something is not quite right or when you have had enough. I took a break from my studies at one point because emotionally and psychologically it was just too much to handle. And I trust myself to read the signs that I need to stop dabbling with energy.

Now, how can I do this with people that I don’t know and who live miles away? It is a real ethical concern for me, because I take magic and teaching seriously. Does anyone out there have ideas on how to solve this dilemma?


I have been fortunate in my life to have access to teachers and to a safe space where I could learn and grow. This kind of puts me in a position where I feel I should give back to others who are not so fortunate. My proposition is this: I could post exercises on this blog for those of you who would like to follow a certain curriculum in magic and energy work. It is always better to have a teacher in person, but for those of you who do not have that option, I offer these exercises and a place to share your experiences with others. The deal is this: If at any time, you feel weird, tired, irritable, if old ghosts come and haunt you or you feel destabilized, YOU STOP!!!! And please, stay on track and don’t bite off more than you can chew or it will bite you right back! The exercises that I intend to post are very basic and grounded. You’ve got to learn to walk before you learn to run, OK?

Can someone out there ease my conscience and tell me that they understand the implications of this ‘contract’. How do you all feel about this format? Is this what you are looking for?

Enough doom and gloom. I would be honored to share my humble knowledge if it can be of service. If you have specific topics you would like to learn about, please do not hesitate to post them.