I’d like to share a little story that happened last week.

Let’s just say that it’s been a tough week. On Thursday, my beloved son threw the tantrum of the century. I know, kids throw tantrums… But these are tantrums that make us question whether there is something very wrong with our baby boy. And it scares me to death.

A tantrum over a missing mitten. That’s all it was. But it took us a good hour to get over it. I was exhausted and emotionally worn thin. The universe had given me the small blessing of rain that day to hide the tears that I just couldn’t hold back anymore.

As I was standing at the bus stop, I felt someone get strangely close to me. I turned around to see a lovely black woman approaching me with an umbrella. “Would you like some shelter?” she said. I smiled at the wording. It meant so many things right there and then. I thanked her profusely for her kindness and said: “The truth is I have an umbrella in my bag.” I never use an umbrella. What’s a little rain but another way for God to touch us? She warned me about catching a cold and stepped back. I thanked her again and waited for the bus.

I replayed our brief conversation in my mind. Why am I ‘standing in the rain’ when I have what it takes to get out of it? I realized that I have all the tools necessary to get out of my situation. I just need to use my resources and keep going. Then it dawned on me: it was a black woman. Whenever I have been in real need, a dark skinned figure (whether real or in a dream) comes to me and gives me comfort, completely out of the blue.  Many years ago, my angel was revealed to me in my dreams. In my dreams, my angel has a dark bronze complexion. Here I was offered shelter by a black woman. Dark skinned like my guardian angel. An angel in the rain.

Angels are everywhere and they interact with us in ways that are familiar to us. I don’t know how others perceive them, but to me they have very distinct characteristics that alert me to their presence. The skin complexion is definitely the most obvious. There is also that vibration, like supersonic music, just beyond our hearing threshold. It’s hard to describe. Those who have read my book know that angels were my first access to the other realm. They were my first contact. They come in and out of my life bringing me messages and lessons.

I am better now and so is the rest of the family. The lesson is that you have to take shelter sometimes when it is offered and seek the help you need. Sometimes, you should take the easiest road because it is the simplest and most energy efficient way and because even warriors need to rest. So when my parents offered to keep the kids overnight to give us a chance to rest, I surrendered. When we picked them up, we were all refreshed. The kids needed a break from us too, I guess. Angels come in many guises, the most obvious is as grandparents!

May you walk with an angel of peace by your side!