I’ve had a crazy week at work. I’m burnt. But at least I have this blog to draw from. I’ve answered some emails from readers and it recharges me in an instant. All the pettiness of the week is washed away!

This brings up a question that was posed to me in an email recently: Now that we know we exist, how do we get together? How do we get started?

Many of us, Christian Pagans, have been wandering alone, wondering if anyone else share our beliefs. Well, the answer to that seems to be an overwhelming ‘Yes’, there are many of us who are looking to share their beliefs and celebrations. Where do we start?

I cannot speak for everyone. I can only say what I am looking for in such a meeting. I would like to know who you are. I’m just plain curious to know what kind of people have decided to walk this path. I want to know who you are, what you do for a living, do you have families, what brought you on this path, are you taking courses in spiritual sciences, do you have special devotions and special gifts that you like to share? What shape does Christian Witchcraft take in your life? Basically, I want to know who are these people with whom I share such an intimate part of myself with!

Another reason why I would like to meet is to share knowledge and experiences. We have such a unique spirituality that it deserves to be explored and developped. I’ve always pictured myself studying the holy books and debating interpretations and teachings with fellow classmates, much like Jews do in a Yeshiva. Getting together would allow us to do that. I guess this blog is a good format to discuss and debate. I wonder if there could be other ways…

No technological platform can compare with meeting in person. Maybe one day we’ll be able to have a big gathering. Wouldn’t that be amazing? The way I think people can get together is through local pagan groups. If you can find a place that is open minded, where you can meet people and simply ask if they know of others with affiliations with Christian Witchcraft, I am sure that you can hook up with a couple people. It has been the case for me at Mélange Magique, a magic store in Montreal. Back then, there were but one other with Christian affiliations. I’m hoping that with the book, more people will speak out and that it will be easier to get together. Many of these places have community bulletin boards. You can set up a meeting place or a facebook page for people of your community. Once you know there are others in your vicinity, it will become easy to decide what kind of interactions you want to have. Do you want to have discussion groups, open rituals, closed rituals, sabbats, esbats…. But, maybe you have other ideas or have already managed to get people together. Please share!

I’ve dedicated a page on my web site to building a community. If you would like me to include your location, simply send me an email and I will include your information as soon as I can. But while we are here, might as well use this space. If you want to post a comment on this post, a ‘wanted’ ad for other Christian witches in your area, please go ahead. And, please, for my own satisfaction, add a little description of who you are, if you feel comfortable. Because that is the true meaning of meeting. It is to get to know one another.

Well thanks for the energy boost. I feel revived and refreshed and I can’t wait to meet you!

Bright blessings!