As you may have read on a recent comment, my life as an author, mother of two small kids and aspiring blogger is quite hectic. One of my friends had once named me ‘The one who refuses to be bored’, so I’m not complaining about the busy schedule. Can you really complain when your life overflows with blessings?

But, I thought that this time, I would let you guys do the writing. I got a question by email about magical names.

Do Christian Witches have special names like some Pagans do?

Well, I cannot talk on behalf of Christian Witches the world over. I can say that I do have a craft name that I use sometimes in specific circumstances. I also have a sacred name that I use when interacting with the Divine. No one knows this name. Both these names were revealed to me as I walked through my sacred space, asking my guides to whisper my name in my ear. I decided to use my birth name mostly because it is the name of my grandmother and I feel that there is this strong ancestral link in it, a reference to matriarchy that I want to preserve. So, you will not see people call me by another name than Adelina, although I do have names that I use from time to time, when I need to tap into that special power associated with the name.

So now you do the writing. Do Christian Witches have special names? Do you use a special name? If you would like to share it, please feel welcome to. If not, just let us know if you do and maybe how you found out what it is.

Merry blessings!