June 2010

In my soul, the night still belongs to the Goddess. As a Christian, I keep Jesus always close in my rituals and in my philosophy. But the moon still belongs to the Goddess, in whatever form she may take. It could be Mary the Mother or Mary the Virgin, weaving the Temple veil. It could be Mary Magdalene, the mystic and my Priestess or any of the other manifestations of the sacred feminine:  Sofia, essence of wisdom, St-Brigid, the Druidess, the Great Mother of ancient times, the matriarchs of the Bible, my old crone gypsy woman, Raven… So many faces to manifest what we are.

I’ve been awfully busy lately, busy with just stuff. You know all the stuff that gets in the way of what matters. I got into it so deep that I forgot which phase of the moon we are in. That has not happened in years. I was wondering why everything I tried to do was unraveling before me. Then I stopped, took a deep breath, centered and grounded. Then I heard a woman’s voice in my head: “You always turn to me for everything. Why have you not done so this time?”

So, I sat last night, called the archangels to guard my quarters and I cast a circle with the essence of each element. I lit my candles and I simply said:

“I turn to you.”

There was nothing else to say.

May the Goddess reveal her beauty to all of you! Blessed be!

Hello everyone!!! Sorry for the silence. As you read in the previous blog, our real lives have kept us quite busy.

I want to take a moment to underline a momentous occasion: ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’ is now available. I have started to receive comments from people who have read it and I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to get in touch with me. I am certain that the book will stir up questions and reactions from people. Please feel free to ask your questions on this blog or to simply write your comments. I think that it is the best way to interact with one another and to grow from each others’ experiences. I await your comments with much enthusiasm!

I hope you all took the opportunity to soak up the sun on its longest transit today. Blessed Litha to all.

Sorry to have been away. Montreal always keeps us busy. To top it all off, we are currently looking for a house. We’ve been living in northern James Bay for nearly five years and are contemplating coming back to the big city. We know that it will be a HUGE adjustment for everyone, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you are used to living in a small community, a big city like Montreal can feel a little impersonal and hectic. I’ll try to expand on this in another post, but for now: the house.

We didn’t think looking for a house would be so much work… and so disheartening! We aren’t asking for much: something small and cozy, with enough space for the kids to play, next to decent schools, close to my family so that they can finally see the kids as much as they want. In short, we are looking for a home for our kids.

We’ve been looking and looking and nothing fits. Too small, too expensive, bad neighborhood, too far, too weird, bad vibe… I’ve been sending out my request to the Great Source, hoping it will manifest into that special place.

Now, check this out…

We went to the thrift store in our church’s basement yesterday. Over the years, this has been a magical place where I would find whatever crazy thing I could wish for: a stroller, an antique rocking chair, my favorite novel, a commodore 64 in its original box…

Well, yesterday, in the corner was a huge doll house along with the entire family and fully furnished.

A house for my kids! Exactly what I had asked for.

No one can say the universe doesn’t have a sense of humour!

Keep you posted!