Walking back from a friend’s house on Saturday, we marveled at the beauty of the sky. My three-year old boy pointed at the sky and said ‘Look, maman, la lune’ The moon. It was ten o’clock. Living in a native community north of the 52nd parallel, the sun had just set. The horizon was still a light shade of blue and up above, was a thin arc of gold. Just a sliver of a moon.

 We are facing the winds of change as a family. We have a number of projects set out in front of us, all new and exciting and full of the usual uncertainties. This new moon growing in the sky urged me to acknowledge the new road ahead.

The next day, my husband set up our tipi and lit a fire. My son was busy feeding the fire with every twig he could find and my daughter was blowing at it to keep it from getting too hot. I took out my magical herbs from my cupboard and brought them to the fire side. I took a handful of birch and threw it in the fire. My son chose a handful of chamomile and threw it in. My daughter put her fingers in the pouch of chamomile flowers and put them straight in her mouth, of course. My husband threw in a handful of tulips. And we kept going with all the herbs that inspired us.

Birch for protection

Chamomile for tranquility

Oak for strength

Sage to dispel negativity

Lavender for peace

And a number of flowers: tulips, hyacinth, irises for joy, love and happiness

I surrounded the fire with white stones my son had picked up earlier and I placed the dandelion my daughter had given me on one of the stones, a kind of makeshift altar.

I whispered my prayer.

“Blessed are thou, Mother of the Universe for giving us the bounty of the earth,

And blessed are thou Father who guards us under your heavens.”


Two columns of smoke rose up from the fire.

“My Lord and my Lady, Jesus and Mary Magdalene

May the way we live our lives be pleasant in your eyes.

These are our wishes for peace, joy, protection, strength and happiness.

An’ it harm none, so mote it be.”


I watched the smoke rise up and out of the tipi and knew my wishes were being carried high up where prayers are heard. Right to the ears of the Most High. And all around me.