‘Make sure they know there is nothing dark in what you do.’

 When searching for Christian Witchcraft on any search engine, you invariably end up with a mix of two results: sites that actually relate to Pagan Christianity and the others who condemn it. It had never occurred to me to reinforce that what I do is for the greater good. I spend every moment of my life trying to live that way and the people who know me would not question that either. So I was puzzled by my husband’s insistence that I address this issue. But, as with most counsel he has given over the years we have grown together, he is absolutely right. The issue of ‘Witchcraft’ needs to be addressed.

 Witchcraft is a scary word. The centuries of bad press by the church have permeated it with the very essence of evil. In the church’s campaign against women, witches were the associates of the devil, dedicated to chaos and debauchery. That is the very essence of the common understanding of the word ‘witch’.

Witchcraft as a spiritual path is a new-old phenomenon. Yes, the knowledge and the practice of earth-based magic have been passed on through generations. But, Witchcraft as a Goddess-worshipping, earth-revering magical practice is a relatively new thing. The magic of Witchcraft respects the principle of  ‘An you harm none, do what you will’. It should never be done in order to cause harm to anyone or anything. That is why every magical rite should be ended it the phrase ‘An it harm none, so mote it be.’  This makes sure that the energy you put out in the world is bound to act according to the greater good of all involved.

 So let’s put an end to the terror: Witches do not work for evil.

 But, why  keep the word anyways? I could have easily replaced it with Pagan or Gnostic or any other appellation. Why keep the scary word?

 According to some sources, the word ‘witch’ stems from the word wise. So Witchcraft would be the craft of the wise. To me, that is exactly what it is. You have to be wise to read the signs of the times, to feel the waves of time talk to you through nature, through the symbols that surround you and to communicate with the spirit world. You have to be wise to take the fruits of the earth and mix them into potions and awaken them to their inherent magic. You have to be wise to trust your intuition and to look at the world with honesty, putting the greater good before your own needs and wants. That is the Witch’s responsibility and calling.

There is another reason why I kept the word ‘Witch’. Keeping the word was an act of reclaiming my power. So many women throughout history were given that title and left completely helpless to defend themselves. They were persecuted, humiliated, tortured and killed because of that name. Today, I choose that name because it is a name of power. The power is mine to determine my life and exalt the beauty of being a woman. I choose to be a Witch. I choose the beauty and strength that has survived in spite of it all.

Wishing you beauty and strength as you walk the world!