Hello everyone! Welcome to the Path of a Christian Witch.

Emails are starting to trickle in from people who have heard about the upcoming launch of my book ‘The Path of a Christian Witch’. Some contact me out of curiosity, but most write me to express that they too have merged the magic of the Goddess with the teachings of Jesus. Throughout these emails, one voice comes out, loud and clear:

We are here!

This space is dedicated to discussing, sharing, learning and celebrating the Mysteries that are being revealed to us. I am putting forth this blog for several reasons:

  1. To answer questions readers may have
  2. To share our practice, our tools and tips on the Craft
  3. To post research into Christian Pagan studies
  4. Most importantly, it is a place to finally share our very own theology.

We are here. That much is clear. I hope this blog gives us a place to define who we are so that we may be better able to shine our distinctive light into the world.

May there be light where you are!